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Edyta Morwińska Pilates

Edyta Morwińska Pilates

Sienkiewicza 2, office 11, Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Poland, 05-825

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I will guide you on the way to a fit body

My name is Edyta Morwińska and a few years ago I was in a completely different condition - both physical and mental. After spending a few years taking care of children and the house, I realized that it was time to also take care of myself. Looking for my way, I entered the pilates path under the supervision of Iwona Szczygielska-Borzym in the Twój Ruch studio in Grodzisk, where I gained my first experience. Like everyone who was advanced, he was once a beginner, so I have come the full way. I started from the very beginning, from scratch.

What you can control is the movement of your body.

I had never practiced anything before, except for dancing in my youth. The time has come to contact yourself and your body again. By only thinking about how the body moves, I didn't think too much about other unnecessary things. It's very soothing and rewarding, especially in today's busy times - to just stop thinking about everything and focus on the here and now. In Pilates, I found everything I needed: awareness, breathing, balance, concentration, control, precision and… flow. By implementing these principles of the method not only for training but also in my life, I noticed how my body and way of thinking were changing. I wanted to share this with others.

My Guarantee

I started to play the role of an instructor, expanding my theoretical and practical knowledge. In 2015, I became a certified Pilates Instructor of one of the best schools - BASI Pilates. Then I expanded my pilates knowledge with the knowledge of medical training, deep muscle training and pelvic floor muscles with the BeBo® method. However, what stole my heart was working on the body on big equipment - the Reformer. Under the watchful eye of Master Trainer Angelika Mirek, I gained knowledge about how to work with this equipment, i.e. how to ... reform the body. Years of practice and experience with different people and bodies have taught me an individual approach. In my opinion, the most important thing in working with a client is to choose, from all the knowledge you have, what the body in front of me needs. And each of us is built differently, has a different past and different goals. I guarantee you that I will find a way to help you on your way to a fit, strong body. I also guarantee that you will find pleasure in movement, without soreness, without overload. In my world, good training is one that gives real pleasure, allows you to enjoy your own body and the time spent among nice people, thanks to whom there is positive energy in the air. I can guarantee you that pilates focuses such people.

A studio tailored to you

My dream is for everyone to practice Pilates. I wanted to create a place at the highest world level where I would spread the culture of caring for my physical fitness. This is the place for anyone who wants to focus on working on their body and well-being. No blush, regardless of age, gender and level of advancement, usucapion or employment. A place where you feel good and which is available to you when you need it. A place where you don't have to feel bad about never exercising, going on vacation, having your head off and just being there when you find a moment. I adapted the location, equipment, booking application, class schedule and tickets to this idea.

Convenient location

I wanted everything to be the best for my clients. I was looking for a suitable place for a long time - with convenient access, parking, elevator, well-lit. My studio has it all, is located at the intersection of access roads to Grodzisk Mazowiecki, which means that you will get here without wandering through small, unknown streets. By the way, you can also run many other errands, there are a lot of shops and service outlets around.

Edyta Morwińska Pilates

Sienkiewicza 2, office 11, Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Poland, 05-825

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All our instructors are graduates of the BASI Pilates Academy and are highly experienced in working with the full spectrum of population groups, ages and physical needs.

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