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From a professional athlete to high school teacher, we have hundreds of touching, life changing stories.
Read some of them here and find the inspiration for your BASI journey!

Tamara Newton-Pele

...I dream still to have my own studio that I can certify others in BASI-teach others to teach others how to...

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Melike Karakızan

...Every time I went for my internship period, I realized that I was living again...

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Bruce Manuel

...The discipline of Pilates training taught me the benefit of approaching my rehabilitation in a positive and effective manner...

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Micaela Lomuscio

...Body and mind physical and spiritual dimension. It is this aspect that I personally love most and won over by the BASI philosophy...

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Sinem Akguner

...BASI Pilates has changed my life like a magic wand. When I initially started working with dearest Cengiz Han, I learned that I should be feeling BASI Pilates in every inch of my body...

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...Every day BASI teaches me how to create a tailored program aiming at a balanced structure for me, and possibly for my future students...

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Kimberly Padgett

...BASI help heal my body, but also made me passionate about educating others. As a professional dancer, I don’t know if my career would have lasted without the education...

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Nikoletta Lamprou

...I have never been so happy, grateful, and fully aware of what it is to be focused on a goal. And the ultimate goal is to strive for my and other people’s well-being...

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Barbara Tobisch

...That’s what I absolutely love about the BASI concept that there is an open mind to include new insights of body mechanics, sports, and movement science...

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Donatella Lezza

...Driving people to concentration as a way to precision, making them aware of their bodies through the mind-body connection, which is fundamental in Pilates, excites me...

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...My fitness relationship with Pilates has set purpose to my life and given me the determination and discipline needed to keep pushing through, regardless of how intense life can feel...

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Silvia Tardito

...I believe that knowledge without passion, will, and the ability to share remains a sterile treasure. Rael builds the BASI world day by day...

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Lori Ettlinger Gross

...BASI changed the way I see aging. I was already a devoted Pilates practitioner when I enrolled in the Teacher Training program about eight years ago...

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Debbie Matchett

...One of the positive things that have out of this pandemic is the ability to do live classes with teachers on the other side of the world...

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Yumiko Saito

BASI always gives me a new awareness and good energy! Studying pilates is exciting, inspiring and challenging for me...

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Meghan Rittenberry

...I found a balance from that point on between Pilates and running to keep my body healthy. The side benefit was it kept my mind healthy as well...

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Kerstin Boeder

...A great encounter that changed my whole training and feeling for Pilates. Today I would say, BASI Pilates is my life!...

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Angela Potowski

...I found Pilates. I immediately started practicing it autodidactically but when I was offered the possibility to become a certified Pilates trainer...

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Caroline Cahill

...When working with my client through Pilates I don’t feel like it’s work as I enjoy it so much. For us, Pilates is a win/win so thank you Joe, and thank you BASI!...

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...BASI instructors gave me a great appreciation of Pilates!...

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Andy Li

...BASI education opened so many possibilities for my life. By working as a fitness trainer, I feel connections with other people...

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...BASI Pilates gave me the chance to dive deep into movements, into my body, into other people’s...

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Jennifer Flansburg

...Pilates changed my life in such a positive way that I hope to one day help people from similar circumstances...

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Ana Faber

...Pilates literally changed my life. I gained back confidence...

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Rocío Dos Santos Arenas

...Using the Pilates method during my rehab made all the difference, and it hit all my curiosity buttons...

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