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Therapeutic Specialization

Comprehensive with Therapeutic Specialization

The Comprehensive Program with Therapeutic Specialization is designed for physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, occupational therapists, chiropractors, or those with a kinesiology or movement science degree, and interested in integrating Pilates into their rehabilitation process. Course participants will gain knowledge of the Pilates repertoire of mat work and equipment exercises for motor learning, strength training, flexibility, balance, and proprioceptive re-education. The importance of stabilization, mobilization, and disassociation—as they are associated with the Pilates fundamental through advanced exercises—will be analyzed and explained, so that patients can be guided safely through a range of scenarios including injury recovery, pre-surgery training, and post-surgical rehabilitation exercise. Upon completion of Foundation and Graduate Programs (BASI Comprehensive Program), participants will have the tools and skills to effectively integrate Pilates into any practice to meet therapeutic goals with a large range of patients.

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