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The Legacy Program is the pinnacle of BASI Pilates Teacher Training

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The Legacy Program is the confluence of the art and science of learning, teaching, and practicing Pilates at the highest level. Taught in its entirety exclusively* by BASI founder Rael Isacowitz, this is a personal and life-changing exploration into the most advanced and diverse repertoire and an exploration of the teaching nuances of the Pilates method. Rael generously shares his vast knowledge, accumulated over four decades, as he guides this unique and enriching journey.

Rael Isacowitz BASI Pilates Legacy Program

The Legacy Program consists of 4 individual phases:


  • Mentor
  • Master I
  • Master II
  • Honors


Upon completion of all four phases, students receive the BASI Legacy Certificate


Legacy is the highest achievement within BASI Pilates. Graduates of this unique, one-of-a-kind educational experience are well-equipped to carry the torch of Pilates for future generations of students and teachers.



The first phase of the Legacy Program introduces the Higher Principles while placing focus on the refinement of teaching methodology and the advanced repertoire.

PrerequisitesBASI Pilates teachers: Two years of teaching experience following the completion of the Comprehensive Teacher Training Program. Non-BASI Pilates teachers: Three years of teaching experience following the completion of a Comprehensive Teacher Training Program with another Pilates school.

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Master I

Master I

The second phase of the Legacy Program continues the journey with Rael as he draws further attention to teaching, cueing and progression. This includes expansive material on the F2 System.

PrerequisitesCompletion of Mentor

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Master II

Master II

The third phase of the Legacy Program embodies Rael’s voyage of discovery to the extreme edges of the Pilates repertoire and the creative process. The additional repertoire on the F2 System is presented.

PrerequisitesCompletion of Mentor & Master I

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The fourth and final phase of the Legacy Program explores the two underlying themes of evolution and preservation as Rael delves into much of his own creations, both in terms of the choreography and the equipment itself.

PrerequisitesCompletion of Mentor, Master I & Master II

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