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This is the fourth and final phase of the Legacy Program.

The underlying theme is evolution and preservation, two seemingly opposed concepts. Yet Pilates cannot continue to thrive without both. Rael delves into much of his own creations both in terms of the choreography and the equipment itself. Yet, it is always solidly and soundly grounded in the original works and principles of Joseph Pilates, paying homage to the founder and creator of the Pilates method.

Honors Day 1-570

This is a 3-day learning experience that includes 18 hours of instruction and learning.

  • Program Structure

Day One

The concepts discussed are exercise progression and appropriate level. These 2 areas go to the heart of everyday teaching. They are the primary concern of every novice teacher. It is appropriate that the Legacy Program, geared toward very seasoned teachers, would go full circle and conclude with revisiting these ever-important topics. Set, unique warm-ups on the Reformer, Cadillac, F2 Chair, and Wunda Chair are taught. In addition, the Advanced and Master-level repertoire is taught on these very same pieces of apparatus.

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Upcoming Honors

The next BASI Pilates Legacy Program – Honors will take place as part of Learn From The Leaders 2024 Conference in Newport Beach

September 30 – October 2, 2024


The BASI Pilates Legacy Program – Honors is approved for 18 NCPT credits.


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