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All of our students, graduates, faculty, hosts, affiliates, and licensees are part of a tight-knit global network of diverse individuals passionate about the same goal: making the world a better place through Pilates.


Our graduates are the key to our growing BASI family. All of our graduates have successfully completed our rigorous teacher training program and have passed a number of requirements in order to be called a “BASI Graduate.” They are qualified to teach up to advanced-level clients on the Mat and/or Pilates apparatus.



All BASI Pilates education programs are taught by a select number of highly qualified and experienced Pilates teachers based in various countries around the world. Our faculty members are diverse and eclectic, coming to BASI from backgrounds such as dance, academia, physical therapy, and martial arts. The process of becoming BASI Faculty is a lengthy and rigorous one. Each faculty member is individually hand-selected and spends several years preparing to teach the BASI Pilates curriculum. Our faculty’s performance is continually monitored by BASI headquarters, ensuring that every student receives consistent, high quality education.

Mano Murai

Brandon Douglas Gamble

Natalie Pulliam

Verena Tremel

Aleksandra Mazur

Monika Moudjende

Eduard Botha

Sara Canini

Natasja Barnard

Katherine Striebinger

Katie Wright

Rael Isacowitz


Leah Stewart

Leah Stewart

Jennifer Pearlstein

Abigail Meilyawati Angkawijaya

Theo VanderRiet

Sarah Bertucelli

Kelly Milton

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