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Pilates in the ERA of Covid-19

January 11, 2022

Pilates in the ERA of Covid-19 has been a bumpy road for all of us. Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last two years, then you are aware of Covid-19 and the profound effect it has had on people all over the world. As we have entered 2022, it’s important to relay what we know about Covid-19. It is also vital to illustrate how we can protect ourselves from the virus.
Two years ago, when Covid-19 took the world by storm, there was so much we did not know. As of now, there are still many things we don’t know. What we know is that there are several variants of the virus. We also know that the virus affects people differently. Covid-19 hit some people harder than others. Some people felt really ill, and others felt no effects.

So, with all that we know, what are some common steps you and your studio can take to keep yourself and your client healthy during a Pilates session?

1. Sanitize Everything: Even before Covid-19 struck, it was always important to keep your equipment clean and tidy. You do this to ensure that your equipment remains spotless. It is paramount that you sanitize your repertoire. We do this because we want to prevent the transfer of germs as best as possible. It’s also best to keep your studio looking presentable. Antibacterial disinfectant is the best way to clean your equipment, and achieve fresh energy for your clients.
2. Have a hand wash station or sanitizer available: Having a station where clients and instructors can wash their hands before and after a session is ideal. If you do not have that available, then find some sanitizer. Purell and associated products would be the ideal choice. Remember to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
3. Ensure that your client is healthy: Encourage your clients to do wellness checks and ensure that they feel comfortable rescheduling a session if they feel ill. Clients have to feel comfortable attending your studio, and they will feel a lot more at ease knowing they can cancel an appointment if they feel ill without possibly getting charged. Work with your client to ensure that they feel valued, and it will make them want to come back.
4. Maintain distance: Maintaining a healthy distance has always been positive. While human beings are social creatures, it does not mean we enjoy stacking together like sardines. If you are teaching a client on the Reformer, and another instructor has a client, ensure there is enough space between you both. It’s kind of like that empty parking lot with plenty of spaces, yet someone parks right next to you instead. There is usually plenty of room to maintain a safe distance between one another. The only person who should be within six feet of you is your client.

It is important to ensure that not just your client gets a good night’s sleep, but that you also maintain a healthy sleep pattern. You and your patient can work together toward building cohesive goals. It’s looking more and more like Covid-19 will be with us for the foreseeable future, even after the pandemic officially ends. Learning to live with it and adjusting to it will determine how far we go.

Additional Informational resources:

World Health Organization (WHO) – Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – Coronavirus Disease Prevention and Treatment
American Red Cross – Coronavirus Safety and Readiness Tips For You

Listen to your body and if you are feeling the least bit under the weather, please stay at home until you feel well again. Thank you!

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