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BASI Pilates is proud to give the entire Pilates community access to these invaluable papers on a variety of Pilates-centric issues written by BASI Pilates students.

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Please note: These are student Pilates research papers, which are submitted to BASI Pilates by the authors as part of their BASI Pilates Comprehensive Program graduation requirements. The contents are not endorsed by BASI Pilates. These papers are being provided by the authors and BASI Pilates as a service to the Pilates community. These papers or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of BASI Pilates, except for the use of brief quotations with the appropriate attribution.

Recent Ones


Maryline Paris, PhD February 2020
BASI Pilates- Studio Rituel Paris, France

The heavy load of training that young high potential athletes place on their body while growing exposes them to imbalanced development and injuries. In volleyball, the different technical movements strain the shoulder intensely. It is reported that up-to one player out of two reports is suffering from his dominant shoulder

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Pilates for Scoliosis


Azusa Miyake December 20th,2020 Course year 2020 Physio Logic Pilates & Movement NY This paper will address a general overview of Scoliosis and how Pilates helps an individual’s body and their condition with Scoliosis. Treatments for Scoliosis vary from bracing, surgery, pain management, physical therapy, and exercise depending on the severity of the condition. Most Scoliosis cases are mild to moderate which doesn’t require a surgery and a common treatment option is exercise. Pilates is known to be helpful in reducing chronic pain caused by Scoliosis. It is beneficial in counteracting the muscle misalignment, useful as a tool for assessing progress, and increases awareness of one’s body. In this paper, I would like to focus on how Pilates exercises are beneficial in reeducating one’s body to correct negative movements, increase flexibility and mobility for people with mild to moderate Scoliosis. This paper will conclude with a case study as well as my view on how Pilates can improve quality of life for people with Scoliosis.

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Childbirth enormously affects the bodies of women. However the body is expected to function and carry on after a very short period of healing, since the babies need to be taken care of. This results in weak, and often damaged, core abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. Taking care of the baby requires lifting and bending movements which can move the thoracis spine into (a slight) kyphosis. In case of my client (a fresh mum), her race cycling hobby also adds to the forward bending movement, coupled with tight hip flexors and hamstrings. With a targeted Pilates conditioning program, these issues can be well treated and within a relatively short amount of time, a nice progress can be achieved. Pilates also adds to the feeling, of course not only for fresh mums, of being in control and being capable, which increases stamina and confidence.

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