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What is BASI Systems?

BASI Systems is BASI’s very own state-of-the-art Pilates equipment company. Based in Istanbul, BASI Systems manages the design, production, and distribution of all our Pilates equipment. BASI Systems introduces innovations that fully facilitate the precision and flow of movement inherent in the BASI approach. BASI education challenges students to continually broaden their horizons and reach for their inner greatness. BASI Systems further facilitates this goal.

What is the F2 System?

The F2 System lies at the heart of BASI Systems Pilates equipment. Conceptualized by BASI founder, Rael Isacowitz, the F2 System is a true innovation for Pilates movement and offers unprecedented versatility and precision in spring angle and resistance settings. Springs can be attached to multiple ports on your Reformers, Cadillac, Barrels, Chairs and Spine Corrector. Multiple F2 Systems can be used simultaneously to inspire exciting new repertoire possibilities. The levers also serve as handles to support wrists and shoulders in an optimal position for weightbearing exercises.

I have completed the Mat Program and want to take the Comprehensive Program. Will I receive a discount on tuition?

Absolutely! We encourage all students who have completed a Mat Program either through BASI Pilates or another Pilates education school to continue their studies in the comprehensive teacher training. In the U.S., returning Mat students will receive 10% off the Foundation Program. There is an additional discount of $200 when registering for both Foundation & Graduate Programs together. Outside of the U.S., students will receive 10% off the Comprehensive Global Program price. To register, enroll in your program of choice with the $500 deposit option. BASI will apply the discount as soon as you notify us that you are a returning Mat student. Discounts may not be available in Licensee territories.

What type of apparatus does BASI Systems make?

Yes! The BASI Pilates ProBridge Program is open to qualified Pilates teachers who have graduated from a Comprehensive Pilates teacher training program of 450+ hours with experience on all apparatus in all levels. If a ProBridge Program is not currently offered in your area, you may enroll in our standard Comprehensive Program at a discounted rate. The graduation requirements are adjusted for ProBridge students and omit the student research paper and student hours requirements. Note that this option may not be available in License Territories. Proof of previous graduate certificate is required to verify eligibility for the ProBridge Program.

What type of apparatus does BASI Systems make?

You can view the full apparatus lineup here:

How much does BASI Systems equipment cost?

Please contact [email protected] to request pricing information.

How can I order BASI Systems equipment?

Please contact [email protected] to place your order.

Where can I learn more about BASI Systems equipment?

Please visit

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