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Interested in Joining the Prestigious BASI Faculty Training Program?

If you are passionate about teaching, have deep compassion for those you work with, and are committed to sharing BASI’s top-tier education with students embarking on their own Pilates journey, you’ve come to the right place.

The path to becoming BASI Faculty is rigorous, but it is one that promises great reward for years to come. BASI is very selective in choosing and preparing Faculty. Each Faculty member carries the responsibility of maintaining BASI’s global standard of academic excellence and serving as an ambassador for BASI worldwide.

Following are the guidelines for becoming BASI Faculty:

  • Be a graduate of the BASI Pilates Teacher Training Program
  • Have a minimum of 3 years teaching experience following the BASI Pilates approach
  • Attend the “Set Up For Success” workshop
  • Please note: a faculty position must be open in your geographical area


If accepted onto the track to becoming BASI Faculty the following will be expected:

  • Sign a Letter of Intent
  • Assist at least one Comprehensive program, which includes the following:
    • Attend and teach part of the lecture for each module
    • Teach 5-7 exercises for each Module
    • Teach at least one Mat class within the 12 modules
    • Learn how Faculty conduct the program including time management and preparation
    • Correct students during Mat class and repertoire practice
    • Assist as needed by the Faculty
    • Receive passing reviews by all attending Faculty
  • Pass online tutorials
  • Pass a final interview and exam
  • Submit a letter of reference from the licensee in your area. Emails are below:

Japan: [email protected]

China: [email protected]

Korea: [email protected]

Italy: [email protected]

Benelux: [email protected]


UK:  [email protected]

Turkey: [email protected].tr

Russia: [email protected]


If you’re accepted onto the Faculty Track, there will be a non-refundable fee of $500, which covers five coaching sessions with a Faculty member and the final interview required to become a full Faculty member.

To begin your Application for Faculty Training, please apply below.

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