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A true Pilates Enthusiast, Pilates Innovator, Founder & Director of BASI


Rael Isacowitz, NCPT, holds a Bachelor of Education and teaching credentials from the Wingate Institute, Israel and a Master of Arts in Dance from the University of Surrey, England. He has been practicing Pilates for over four decades and is recognized internationally as an expert in the field. In 1989, Rael founded BASI Pilates (Body Arts and Science International), a comprehensive Pilates education organization spanning the globe.

He spearheaded the development of BASI Interactive (formerly Pilates Interactive), the one-of-a-kind e-learning software and designed the concepts for BASI Systems Pilates equipment. Rael has authored two best-selling books, Pilates and Pilates Anatomy (Human Kinetics); the latter co-authored with Karen Clippinger, plus multiple professional workbooks, webinars and DVD’s.

Rael is part of the great legacy of Pilates teachers and mentors. He has studied and taught with luminaries of the Pilates world including several of the Pilates elders, first-generation teachers. His contributions to Pilates as a teacher, author and innovator are recognized and respected throughout the Pilates industry. Creativity and energy suffuse Rael’s work. His passion for the art of Pilates is well known as is the unique athleticism he brings to the method – a synthesis of body, mind, and spirit.

Rael Isacowitz’ Upcoming Educational Programs



Set Up For Succes Online January 16-17, 2021

Set Up For Succes January 16-17, 2021

BASI Live! Conversations in Commonality: Language & Microaggressions January 27, 2021

Online Q&A  January 29, 2021


Master I February 5-7, 2021

Master II February 12-14, 2021

Master I & II Mat Class Series February 5-7/ February 12-14, 2021


Mentor Program Online March 19-21, 2021


Mentor Program with Rael & Learn From The Leaders AU April 13-15

BASI Learn From The Leaders AU 2021 April 17-18


BASI Connect with BASI Japan: May 18, 2021 
This is a monthly meeting where Rael meets with BASI Japan faculty to review repertoire, answer questions


BASI Connect with BASI Japan: June 15, 2021 
This is a monthly meeting where Rael meets with BASI Japan faculty to review repertoire, answer questions

Honors Program: June 4-5, 2021


Master I Program Germany: September 26-28, 2021

BASI Annual Summit:
September 10-11, 2021

The Power of Aging – New 2-Day Workshop by Rael:
In this workshop, Rael will explore all facets of wellbeing for the 65+ population, of which he is a proud member!
Two opportunities to attend this 2-day Workshop:
– September 11 & 12, 2021 9:00am to 2pm (PST)
– November 5, 6, 2021 3:00pm – 8:00pm (PST)
Registration will open in August.


BASI Learn From The Leaders UK: October 9-10, 2021

Mentor Program – UK:  October 6-8, 2021

BASI Learn From The Leaders Germany: October 1-3, 2021


Early Life

Rael danced professionally for many years and became the head of the dance department at a performing arts college in Australia. It was there he opened a Pilates studio and taught mat classes as part of the college’s curriculum. He began working with athletes, dancers and physical therapists and was instrumental in helping Pilates be integrated into one of the largest and most prominent physical therapy schools in Australia.

Rael came to the U.S. at the invite of an orthopaedic surgeon who asked him to create a rehabilitation program based on Pilates. It was at that time that Rael began to shift his main focus to Pilates rather than dance.

Recognized as an industry leader in Pilates, Rael was the first Pilates professional to be invited to mainland China. “For me, this was an amazing experience and honour. This is a country so big with an enormous population, and I was the first Pilates person to be officially invited there by a government authority,” he says, recalling the memory.

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