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Why Pilates is the Perfect Fit for the New Year

December 30, 2021

Why is Pilates the perfect fit for the new year? That is a question you will ask as you approach the new year and make a checklist of everything that happened in 2021. It will be a contributing factor to how we strive to improve ourselves as we enter the new year.
But to understand why Pilates is the perfect fit for you, you should erase any doubts about Pilates first. The following is a list of concerns with Pilates, followed up by reasons erasing any doubt, and giving some encouragement to fit Pilates into your new year.

1. Pilates is too difficult: On the outset, Pilates can seem difficult for any beginner. It involves a lot of movement, and it can force you to adjust your body to something different. You and your body can adjust to anything and everything. After all, every body is a Pilates body.
2. Pilates is too expensive: There are alternative options to the most expensive rates that Pilates can entail. Many Pilates studios offer free introduction sessions that allow you to ease in and decide if Pilates is the right decision for you. Besides that, many studios offer discounted rates for group sessions. That means you can take a friend with you to a Pilates class, and it gives you a chance to go through the Pilates experience with a friend. Some studios offer an Apprenticeship Program. This allows you to take a class with a student who is on their way to becoming an instructor. These classes are often inexpensive, and you get a similar experience you would get with a tenured instructor.
3. I Might Get Injured: Injuries can happen with almost any physical activity you partake in. The best way to prevent injury is to execute the exercise meticulously and carefully. With Pilates, you will have an instructor guiding you and helping you complete the movement the correct way. They will ensure that you execute the move safely and concisely.
4. It’s Only for Women: Some people assume Pilates is only for women. While many women are in the Pilates industry, it is a very welcoming exercise for men. It can help strengthen their core and improve their form. It also is an excellent exercise for athletes who are looking to improve their abilities in their respective sport.
5. It is Only for Dancers: Pilates is not just for dancers. The Pilates industry features people of many backgrounds and those who have come from many places. The community includes people looking to improve their health and wellness through the exercise created by Joseph Pilates. It is very welcoming to anyone and everyone.

Pilates is the perfect fit for the new year, no matter who you are. It will help you in your fitness journey and take you to great new heights you never believed were possible. It is never too late to try a Pilates class. You might just find that not only do you enjoy it, but it becomes a large part of your life.

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