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  • 35+ Countries
  • 100+ Host Locations
  • 10k+ Graduates

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BASI Pilates® is a leading Pilates education academy with a reputation for innovation, dedication, and academic excellence.

BASI stands for Body Arts and Science International, which is both the name of the academy’s holding company and an affirmation of its approach to Pilates studies. The mission of BASI Pilates is to create and maintain professional standards for the teaching of the Pilates Method and to preserve and perpetuate the gift of Pilates by educating teachers of the highest caliber.

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Why BASI Pilates?

With a reputation for academic excellence, innovation, and exceptional value BASI Pilates offers the highest caliber, most comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Programs available. Our faculty and hosts are unsurpassed as teachers and mentors, and our administrative staff is fully dedicated to the support and welfare of our students.

The range of programs BASI offers includes Mat, Comprehensive US and Global , ProBridge, Advanced and Continuing Education studies, master-level Workshops and international symposiums. These are highly respected college-level Pilates teacher training programs that prepare students to teach Pilates professionally, and to take the PMA Pilates certification exam. And, unlike some teacher trainings, our programs do not separate equipment training into different courses or modules. Our students learn on all the Pilates equipment!

Mission Statement

BASI stands for Body Arts and Science International®, which is the name of the academy’s holding company and an affirmation of our approach to Pilates teacher training. A BASI Pilates education is anchored in scientific principles while celebrating the art of every movement. BASI Pilates upholds and perpetuates the work of Joseph and Clara Pilates by educating teachers of the highest caliber.

Our Goals:

  • BASI Pilates preserves the classical repertoire and the essence of Joseph Pilates’ philosophy while supplementing it with the contemporary experience and scientific knowledge.
  • BASI Pilates endeavors to grow in substance, and will always strive to be true to art, science, and knowledge; and to the intentions of Joseph and Clara Pilates.
  • Well-being is our ultimate goal. In pursuit of this goal, every level of the human condition will be addressed to better each individual as well as the world we live in.

Today, the BASI Pilates network extends to over 30 countries and encompasses thousands of graduates. Teacher training courses are on the go constantly, in over 100 locations around the world.

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The BASI Pilates Edge

Since 1989, BASI Pilates founder Rael Isacowitz has been training Pilates to be passionate, dedicated, highly skilled and deeply committed to the Pilates ethos of ensuring happiness through physical fitness. These are the qualities that distinguish the BASI educational programs.

Pilates enthusiasts must be able to trust the legitimacy and caliber of their Pilates instructors. Likewise, those aspiring to practice the method professionally must have the confidence of knowing that the educational program they choose will provide them with a successful and enduring career path. No Pilates teacher training program is more trusted than that offered by BASI Pilates®.

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  • Method

    At the heart of the BASI Pilates method is the Block System®, a means of classifying and combining the hundreds of exercises in the Pilates repertoire. The Block System ensures the progressive structuring of classes within a flexible framework; creating sessions that are balanced, well-rounded, and address all planes of movement and multiple muscle groups.

  • Faculty


    BASI Pilates® programs are taught by a select faculty of expert educators, based in the U.S., Europe, Japan, China, Australia and South Africa. Each faculty member is a highly experienced teacher and practitioner of Pilates. Faculty Members are diverse, eclectic, and multicultural with teachers coming from backgrounds such as dance, academia, physical therapy and martial arts

    The process of becoming a BASI® teacher trainer is a lengthy and rigorous one. Each faculty is individually chosen and only the most qualified and dedicated succeed in joining our faculty. Our Faculty's performance is continually monitored by BASI headquarters, ensuring that every student receives a high-quality education.


    Our graduates are the key to our growing BASI Family. All of our graduates have successfully completed an intensive teacher training program and have passed a number of requirements in order to be called a "BASI Graduate".

    Administrative Staff

    The BASI Pilates administrative staff works at the international headquarters in Newport Beach, California. The office is responsible for writing the educational curriculum, coordinating the course offerings, scheduling, and marketing efforts for the BASI Host studios and worldwide Licensees.

    It also operates and manages the BASI Studio which offers classes for local Pilates enthusiasts, professionals and students. Workshops and certificate courses are offered in BASI Pilates Advanced Education, providing professionals with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of Pilates for select populations and teaching practices.

  • Study Materials

    BASI Pilates Teacher Training programs are supported by in-depth printed and electronic materials including study guides, movement analysis workbooks, and DVDs. In addition, BASI students receive credits for the use of Pilates Interactive, our unique online high-quality video resource with hundreds of exercises, workouts and instructional tutorials.

  • Advanced and Continuing Education

    BASI Pilates offers a formal program of specialization for Pilates professionals, enabling them to stay on the cutting edge of Pilates education and gain expertise in new and lucrative areas of Pilates specialization.

  • The F2 System

    The BASI Pilates repertoire includes over 80 exercises on the F2® System, the most significant advance in apparatus design since the days of Joseph Pilates. No other Pilates study program teaches work on the F2® System, which adds resistance to an apparatus that did not have it previously, expands the resistance mechanisms of other pieces and, for the first time, creates a universal standard for spring settings.