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Our community spans the world. Listen to BASI stories from real people including faculty and students on how Pilates, BASI, our teacher training programs, workshops, course and more have impacted their lives. Pilates is a gateway to a healthier lifestyle for the mind, body, and soul. Our community has come together to share their messages.

The Pilates Through Pregnancy and Beyond 

Simone Wagenaar

“I really enjoyed delving into a topic so comprehensively with Ashley Ritchie.
Ashley shares from personal experience as a mother, a specialist in her field and an instructor who, just like you and me, thinks through each choice for her Pre and Post Natal clients in order to make the best choice. She uses real-life examples that give context and guide you to make intelligent choices. She gives assignments that help cement the foundation of your day’s learnings and there is active participation with other students as you discuss case studies in groups and ask Ashley questions. You get a glimpse into different instructors’ exercise suggestions and the process instills confidence to make good choices as an instructor yourself.
The mat classes are also a great addition and Ashley shares ideas to create flow, incorporate class themes and props into a practice with purpose. Right from the start Ashley takes a personal interest in each participant’s life and work experience and uses this background to tailor your experience to get the most out of this course.
With a wealth of theoretical and practical information, this course is an investment, not only in your Pre and Post Natal clients— but it will empower you with modifications to use for a whole menagerie of clients in your studio space. Whether you are mat or comprehensively trained Ashley is ready to make suggestions using different props and different equipment.
Joining this course Online was perfect for me —It was a bonus to be able to review the dense course days on a recording and I feel this really deepened my understanding of the work. Thank you BASI Pilates and Ashley for a great experience.”

Elina Ilchenko

“During my work, I have taken many courses on working with pregnant women, but none of these courses contained such voluminous information. This is a very high-quality program that gives a complete understanding of how to properly build and training process for working with pregnant women and postnatal. A professional approach from tutorials to organization. Many thanks to the teacher for his passion and for his work.”

Clara Lykke Louw

“I really enjoyed the course with Ashley Ritchie. She is such a competent and loving teacher. Her creativity makes the class fun and I learned a lot. I can highly recommend this class to anyone, who is or want to teach pregnant or post natal woman.”

Kendra Neethling

“The Pregnancy and Beyond course presented by Ashley Ritchie is a world of knowledge I feel privileged to have gotten a glimpse into. Ashley’s knowledge and passion on the subject is evident in the way she shared the course information with the participants and I could not recommend the course more for any Pilates instructor. Whether planning to work with pregnancy, or bodies of any kind, then repertoire suggestions and information is transferrable to almost any client population and I am excited to use it in my sessions!”

Elenoire Turri

“Ashley delivers so much knowledge, with warmth, efficiency, patience. Even online, she made it an exciting, interactive and rich workshop. Definitely an input I needed as a Pilates teacher. Thank you!”

Mariann Fogarasy

“Excellent workshop with an amazing presenter. BASI quality in every way, I enjoyed every second of it. More than recommended for every Pilates teacher!”

Ohoud AlSalloumi

“The course was extremely informative with lots of details . Ashley is always passionate & very helpful , she provides tons of information!”

Leena Syrjala

“I had the pleasure of participating online in the Pilates through Pregnancy and Beyond with Ashley Ritchie. I really learned a lot and the four days seemed to fly past so fast! The course was a good mix of theory and practical work – just what I was hoping for. The course material we received was absolutely amazing and Ashley really made me feel that I was seen and appreciated. I have to say that it almost felt like face to face teaching! I would most definitely recommend the course to anyone who works with pregnant or postpartum clients. 

Lauren Hovik

“Pilates Through Pregnancy and Beyond is both a fascinating and vital continuing education course. I feel ensured to work confidently with pregnant clients and all the conditions that come along with pregnancy. The course books are wonderful, and I learned just as much from Ash;ey’s responses to questions as I did reading the text. Ashley is a bright, creative, considerate, and thoughtful instructor that I am so honored to study with. You won’t regret taking this course.”

The Setup for Success

October 2021

Cheryl Fitzgerald

“I decided to take the Setup for Success workshop with Ofie Dates in preparation for my practical and teaching exam. I am so glad I did! Ofie has such an amazing energy and great teaching style. The information she presented is so valuable. Not only did she include the setup of the repertoire, but she discussed the pre-setup and any current changes/updates as well. I highly recommend this workshop for students and for teachers who are looking for a refresher. You definitely won’t regret it.”

Rachel Park

“The Setup for Success was amazing! I had hundreds of magical moments which show how proper pre-setup and setup change the initial movement and outcome of the exercises. I strongly recommend this workshop because I feel like our comprehensive program teaches me what the exercises are and what to do…but this workshop teaches me how to do them. Many special thanks to Ofie who has put a lot of effort to prepare this workshop.”

The Foundation Program at


Zamora Alibay

“I really love the teacher training program, and especially the teaching style of Stella’s. She’s such an amazing person, joyful personality, and you just want to come back, observe all this knowledge, and just be around her. Because she radiates all this energy and really inspires you to do more, be more and come prepared.”

Power of Aging by Rael Isacowitz

September 2021

Guadalupe Ruiz Gimenez

“Dear friend, long-awaited master, not a single day I want to pass without congratulations you and your team for that excellent Workshop Te power of aging with which you fulfill your wisdom launched into the universe 9 years ago in Valencia remembering our beloved Javier Bseiso, who will have been from the proud and happy light of this great master! Like me here in Bolonia learning from your wisdom and generosity of heart!
Infinite thanks for the opportunity you offered me to open a window in your space to give my vision and experience lighting the power and the art to aging !! Gratitude and unconditional love Guady🙏😍❤️

Tali Hanoch

“The research, knowledge, and passion that Rael so obviously put into creating this workshop could be seen and felt within the first five minutes of the first day and throughout. Whether you are experienced working with senior clients or have not yet had much experience with this population – this workshop is for you. Come to think of it, this workshop is for anyone and everyone who plans to age happily and gracefully by staying active, and help those around them do the same.”

Barbara Maillard 

“The Power of Aging, was an invigorating workshop!
Rael was as usual full of positive energy, compassion, and always with evolving knowledge,
A thousand thanks to BASI headquarter staff for their kindness and positive energy throughout this amazing training!

I highly recommend this workshop for any Pilates Teacher out there,” (It should be a certification program).

Elizabeth Richmond 

“The Power of Aging” workshop by Rael Isacowitz and BASI was impressively thorough. The information presented is packed with methods for modification and variation of the BASI repertoire to assist, yet still, challenge our mature client population. A valuable learning experience that ranks comparable with the BASI Comprehensive Teacher Training Program.”

Efi Mavrogianni

“Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend “The Power of Aging” workshop, created and presented by my Mentor Rael Isacowitz.
What I loved about this workshop is that we explored all facets of wellbeing for the mature population in a unique way. During the lecture part, we got all the essential information about the challenges, the needs, and how to work effectively with our clients. This was perfectly balanced with the repertoire part, where we learnt a lot of exercises, including modifications. All the above combined with Rael’s inspiring and generous way of teaching. All in all, it was an amazing learning experience!”

Delka Glavcheva

“The power of aging workshop has been a very nice experience”

Alexandra Rossopoulos

“The power of aging” workshop
was a deep experience!
Rael taught with empathy, patience
and with respect towards everyone!
It seems he took his injury as a gift and
used it as a tool to comprehend better
the weak side someone older can have …

The sincere, honest teacher that always leads by example!”

Grace Gu

“The power of aging workshop was such an inspiring experience to me. Aging, in general, should be an ongoing topic that all populations all age groups should pay attention to for ourselves and others. This workshop brings such a positive, comprehensive approach to it. The learning experience was amazing, it’s a perfect combination of lecture material and movement analysis. And I love the passion and love Rael always brings to us. All in all, it was such a great opportunity to learn from Rael and everyone else attending the workshop, thank you so much for having me! BASI always presents the most amazing programs and workshops and they did it again this time!”


Carina Bayley

“We know Rael is always inspirational as an instructor. I have dipped in and out of work with him over the past 20 years.  This two-day Power of Ageing workshop was particularly well planned with so much relevant content I feel it has given me another angle on the way I can help my clients achieve their bodies’ movement potential.  In fact, I believe we are offering a Pilates Superpower to people, helping them access so much more than they think they can at any age.  Thanks, Rael, always fun working out with you too! ”

Elena Malci

“ I believe the subtle power of aging comes from uniqueness of everyone’s experience.

Multiple life’s verges that we have walked through and keep counting on the go build up truly priceless tool box for every Teacher. Raw experience teaches us all the dos and don’ts, all the shoulds and shouldn’ts, shows us how to treat our bodies in more loving and caring ways, guides us to our major point breaks and helps to surf them in the most graceful manner.

This two-days workshop is about generosity and abundance, about unique tool box (treasure box to be precise!) of one powerful man. Rael selflessly shares enormously huge knowledge he has collected all his life bit by bit. Attendees are only required to be open to this alchemical fountain as learning from the very source is the shortest and most efficient way towards well-being, healthy body and genuine love to selves and people whose lives we touch as Teachers.”

Pilates for Dancers by Karen Clippinger

August 2021


“I loved Karen’s class!  It was so comprehensive and left me feeling much more confident in my Pilates repertoire when working with dancers.  As an online student, I really appreciated the opportunity to have Karen provide me direct feedback through our camera and audio capabilities.  I felt as close to actually participating in person as one could hope for!”
Mendor Program Day 1


“As a PT, I thought the course was taught very well with instruction of anatomy and therapeutic movements and exercises. I will definitely use what I have learned in orthopedic rehabilitation. I also work with dancers frequently and the specialized exercises are the perfect addition to my current practice.”


“As a former Principal Ballerina, and current BASI Pilates and Ballet Instructor, I was extremely interested in taking the Pilates for Dancers Certification Course with Karen… and I must say Karen was absolutely AMAZING! She brought new perspectives to my teaching and challenged me to dig deeper. I really enjoyed the lectures on current statistics and anatomy. Like other BASI workshops and certification courses, I left wanting more!”


“The course was wonderful! Going into this course I was worried that there would be a lot that I would not understand, being fresh in my Pilates career and not being a dancer. But I was intrigued by the course because I have always loved dance and thought it was an extraordinary art, then becoming a Pilates instructor, brought in a lot of clients that are dancers that want to enhance their skills. For these reasons, I was drawn to sign up for the Pilates for Dancers course with Karen Clippinger. Every day of the course brought so much new knowledge about dance, pilates, and more about anatomy. Of course, I am young in my journey as an instructor so there was some advanced information, but nothing that was unclear, and the space created at BASI always left room for me to feel like I could ask questions without feeling behind. Karen’s intelligence radiates through everything that she does and combined with BASI this created such an incredible environment to learn and grow as an instructor. I am excited to continue to study the material given to me at the conference so that I may learn more to be a better instructor for my dancers.”


“This workshop was beyond what I expected. I am truly honored to have met someone as inspiring as Karen Clippinger. I am not a dancer and the only contact with dance that I had was through my client who is a professional ballroom dance teacher who had injuries all over the body. So I decided to do this workshop to help her. However, what I have learned here can help all my clients. Karen was so clear in her explanations and made sure that all of us really understood each exercise, I have to say it was one of the best workshops I have ever done. The vibe was so nice and encouraging too. Thank you so much, Karen Clippinger and BASI!”

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