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The Exercises That Complement Pilates & Will Improve Your Health

by Jennifer Dawson

June 2, 2022

Pilates can improve how your immune system functions, according to various studies. The healthier your immune system, the healthier you’ll be. Pilates was developed in the 1920s and has grown into a popular body strengthening exercise over the past century. Research has found that pilates improves flexibility, core strength, posture, and breathing technique. Pilates isn’t just about getting stronger, though. It also provides you with a wonderful workout and helps you build muscle while staying lean. Doing cardio exercises alongside pilates can help you live a healthier lifestyle. Official guidelines from both the American Heart Association and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention recommend that adults do 150 minutes of aerobic activity per week and strength training at least twice per week. So what exercises complement pilates the most?


Swimming classes


Many people take up pilates because they have joint issues. Pilates has been proven to reduce the joint pain associated with conditions such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Swimming is a great complementary exercise for people with joint issues looking to get fitter and healthier. Depending on how hard you push yourself, it can be either a low or high-impact cardio workout. This makes it adaptable and accessible for people of all abilities. 90% of your body is supported in the water, so swimming is gentle to do. Studies have also found that swimming has mental health benefits, including improved mood and less stress. Pilates has the same benefits, so the two exercises work well together.


Weight training


The more muscle you have, the better your immune system functions. Pilates is good for strengthening your muscles and tightening your core. But if you want to boost your muscle mass, it’s worth adding a weekly weight training session into your exercise routine. Most people opt to do weight training at gyms as they have many different machines to help build muscle. Look out for a local gym that provides equipment by brands such as Precor, Life Fitness, or Star Trac. These machines are high-quality, innovative, and popular. Not only that, but they are renowned for giving great results.


Cycling exercises


Pilates is great for cyclists as it helps strengthen your core, keeping you steady and stable when cycling. Like pilates, cycling is a versatile exercise that can be done in and outdoors. If you fancy taking a bike ride among nature, you’ll also feel good as a result of spending time with nature. But if you want to reap the benefits of cycling from the comfort of your own home, all you need is a static bike. Cycling and pilates complement each other as they both strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, decrease stress levels, and help with posture. All of which results in you feeling happier, healthier, and fitter.


HIIT training


HIIT training works alongside pilates well. When you do pilates, you focus on your core and your smaller muscles. HIIT training works the large muscles, so you’re working your entire body when you do both. HIIT increases your oxygen consumption, while pilates teaches you to use oxygen more effectively to breathe better. This makes them an ideal pairing. Your health will improve as you feel relaxed, focused, and good about yourself.

Pilates is a great exercise that will make you feel good about yourself inside and out. Make sure you team it up with at least one of the exercises highlighted above so that your health benefits as much as possible.

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