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Recorded workshops give you the chance to observe an actual BASI Pilates workshop taught by Rael Isacowitz and other BASI faculty. Sharpen your skill set and enhance your knowledge on specific topics ranging from Pilates for Men to Powerhouse of the Upper Girdle and The F2 System.

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Recorded Workshops

Intro to Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies

90 mins $ 90

Join us for a dynamic 90-minute workshop introducing Pilates for Injuries & Pathologies. Led by expert Samantha Wood, we explore six common injuries, offering insights on definitions, symptoms, precautions, and recommendations. Samantha also guides you through three targeted exercises for each pathology, ready for immediate application with your Pilates clients. This workshop serves as a perfect precursor to our immersive 3-day BASI Advanced Education Certificate Course. Dive into the world of Pilates therapy with us!

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Recorded Workshop: Powerhouse of the Upper Girdle USA 2023

6 hours $ 350

This workshop is devoted to understanding and implementing correct mechanics of the shoulder girdle using the Pilates repertoire. Through a comprehensive exploration of exercises such as Prone 2, Balance Control Back Prep, and Shrugs, participants will gain valuable insights into achieving optimal mechanics and impeccable control of the shoulder. These exercises, among others, are essential in developing the necessary strength and stability for higher-level Pilates work. The subject of shoulder mechanics is one that requires consistent attention, learning, and re-learning to ensure a solid foundation. Join us in this workshop to deepen your understanding of the shoulder girdle mechanics and enhance your Pilates practice.


Recorded Workshop: Power of Aging London 2022

12 videos/ 7 hrs 18 mins $ 350.00

In this workshop, we will explore all facets of wellbeing for the 65+ population. Although many of the common physical and some mental challenges the aging population face will be cited, it far exceeds the parameters of this workshop to delve into each one. The focus of this workshop will be general well-being.


Recorded Workshop: Setup for Success - Part 1 (Reformer) & Part 2 (Cadillac & Wunda Chair), January 2023

35Videos/ 12 hr 27 mins $ 600

In Part 1 of this workshop we will focus on “The Set-Up!” With special attention to correct placement of the body in the initiation of each exercise it guarantees proper execution and a successful outcome for each exercise. In Part 2 of this workshop we will focus on “The Set-Up!” With special attention to correct placement of the body in the initiation of each exercise it guarantees proper execution and a successful outcome for each exercise!


Recorded Workshop: Setup for Success Day 1

9 Videos/ 6 hrs 26 mins $ 350.00

In Part 1 of this workshop we will focus on “The Set-Up!” With special attention to correct placement of the body in the initiation of each exercise it guarantees proper execution and a successful outcome for each exercise.


Recorded Workshop: Setup for Success Part 2

3 Videos/ 6 hrs 9 mins $ 350.00

Setup for Success - "The Setup" (Part 2: Cadillac & Wunda Chair) We will review the Pre-Set Up and Set-Up of each exercise on the Cadillac & Wunda Chair for the Foundation & Graduate Programs. The focus will be on the precision, placement, stabilization, and correct starting position to ensure success, precision, and efficiency for each exercise.


Recorded Workshop: Introduction to the F2 System, 2022

$ 600

Description: F2 stands for Form and Function, two concepts that are the basis of this ever-evolving system. The F2 lies at the heart of BASI Systems' state-of-the-art designs. In this F2 System workshop presented by Rael Isacowitz, we will explore the repertoire's evolution, the apparatus's, and the symbiotic relationship they share. You will be guided through an extensive repertoire, including exercises on the full range of Pilates apparatus. This workshop is guaranteed to expand your horizons, introduce you to new dimensions in Pilates work, and increase your exercise base exponentially. You will be introduced to the uniqueness of the F2 Chair - an amalgamation of the original Arm Chair, Ladder Barrel, and Box. The versatility of this expansive piece of apparatus, which works the body in every conceivable position, is unparalleled. This is the most up-to-date information about the F2 System. Includes: Handout


Recorded Workshop: Back to Basics

1 Video/ 1hr 27 mins $ 100.00

This workshop focuses on an often-neglected aspect of advanced work - the source. It appears that the connection between the Fundamental Level work and the Advanced Level work has diminished or been lost completely. This phenomenon has become more apparent as the popularity of Pilates has grown exponentially and teachers are being trained in relatively short periods of time. The progression from basic movements to the highly advanced work is highlighted and experienced in this workshop.


Recorded Workshop: Form and Function with Rael Isacowitz

6 videos / 1hrs 33min. $ 100.00

BASI Pilates approach. His journey included two rotator cuff surgeries that played a profound role on his path to discovery.


Recorded Workshop: Pilates in 3D with Rael Isacowitz

6 videos / 1hr 53min. $ 150.00

Is your teaching too linear? What is 3D Pilates? How do you explore that dimension with your students, and ensure it is part of your teaching? How do you look at Pilates from the dimension of energy and flow, in addition to your bio-mechanical perspective? Which exercises can maximize the 3-dimensional experience? In this 3 hour workshop Rael Isacowitz will help you understand these concepts. Filmed live with a teaching audience, Rael explores all of the concepts including dozens of exercise examples. The online multiple choice quiz on completion will help clarify your understanding.


Recorded Workshop: Introduction to the F2 System

11 videos / 7hrs 8min. $ 350.00

This innovative workshop filmed live will give you a new perspective that can be applied on all apparatus. Solidly grounded in the work and principles of Joseph Pilates, these designs greatly expand the range of exercises on the equipment and explore uncharted territory. The most exciting development of the Pilates equipment in recent years, the F2 System will introduce the professional to new dimensions in the Pilates work.


Recorded Workshop: Pilates for Men with Rael Isacowitz

10 videos / 4hrs 54min. $ 250.00

Bringing Back the Balance, Rael Isacowitz teaches concepts that are needed to teach men. Pilates was created by a man for men, but it has become dominated my women. Like Martial Arts, Pilates has the yin yang qualities of grace and power


Recorded Workshop: Finding Perfect Pitch Workshop with Rael Isacowitz

6 videos / 2hrs. $ 150.00

In this webinar, you will explore and rediscover the roots of BASI Pilates. Unbeknown to some, BASI is an acronym that stands for Body Arts and Science Internation OR more recently Body Arts, Science, and Innovation. Established over 30 years ago, the BASI ethos and material has continued to evolve and grow. With evolution and growth there is always the risk of losing sight of the original choreography and intention, In essence, risk of the work becoming diluted. Every exercise is choreographed and refined to satisfy the art and science of Pilates. It is time to return to the source and revisit both the philosophy and the choreography. In the process, we will look at the vital role fo the eyes incorrect placement, the body's instinctive response to stress and analyze and understand the infamous C-curve - in musical terms, "middle C" (256 Hz). Let's find perfect pitch!


Recorded Workshop: Power House of the Upper Gridle with Rael Isacowitz

6 videos / 5hrs 30min. $ 350.00

This workshop is devoted to understanding and implementing correct mechanics of the shoulder girdle using the Pilates repertoire. Appropriate mechanics and immaculate control of the shoulder are essential, particularly when performing the higher level work. This subject is one that needs to be addressed, learned and re-learned on a regular basis.


Recorded Workshop: Scapular Stabilization Via the Mat with Small Prob with Rael Isacowitz

4 videos / 2hrs 8min. $ 150.00

Core strength has become the focus of many exercise programs today, and justifiably so. However, instructors need to pay equal attention to the muscles of the shoulder girdle and the organization of the head and neck. This mat-based Webinar will develop the skills you need to counterbalance the effects of long hours spent in office settings and will provide programming designed to support and facilitate a free, mobile, and well-functioning upper body. Topics Covered: Review the anatomy of the shoulder girdle, neck, and head Explore ways to mobilize the upper thoracic spine in order to achieve proper alignment of head, neck and shoulders. Learn how to incorporate small props such as the foam roller, magic circle, and flexi-bands into an exercise program Review optimal body positioning for the Pilates instructor while teaching clients Learn how to design a home program for both clients and Pilates teachers who want to focus on this area of the body. Equipment: Mat and small apparatus


Recorded Workshop: The Multi-Dimensional Powerhouse: A Symbiotic Relationship Between Movement and Equipment with Rael Isacowitz

1 video / 2hrs 27min. $ 100.00

This is a workshop that investigates new dimensions in movement and equipment. Since the creation of the Pilates Method by its founder, Joseph Pilates, it is impossible to ignore the advances in equipment design and scientific knowledge. Although I am a fervent believer in never losing sight of the source and always honoring the founder of the method, it is as important to fully investigate the advances that have occurred. We need to understand them and utilize them with knowhow and integrity. If not, we risk the Pilates Method becoming a hodgepodge of “just exercises” with no roots and very little substance – altered beyond recognition. In this workshop we will look at some great advanced in the equipment and the movement and trace them directly back to their roots. This process of “exercise lineage” is vital to both evolution and maintaining the integrity of the method itself.


Recorded Workshop: Understanding Neutral Pelvis with Theo Botha

1 video / 52 min. $ 10.00

This workshop is all about Understanding Neutral Pelvis, Neutral Spine and how to apply the concepts of stability to the lumbar-pelvic area.This webinar will take a closer look at the dynamics of the pelvic girdle. This is a great webinar to review the concept of neutral pelvis and how to apply it to the exercises you teach. The unique feature of this webinar is that you can ask questions as it unfolds and get clarity on when to do what when it comes to neutral spine and neutral pelvis.


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