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Bodyfit Pilates Rue Gérard 11 Brussels, 1040, BEL http://bodyfitpilates.be/
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My name is Sandra, Eileen Larose. I am a mother of 5 kids. I love sport and I practiced long distance running, tennis, aerobic, zumba, boxing and yoga.

I was first introduced to Pilates exercise 10 years ago. I practiced it twice a week and felt rapidly the benefit of such exercises for my body and mind.

I have lived in various countries. When I moved to South Africa I decided to go further in Pilates and I followed courses to become a certified comprehensive BASI (basipilates.com) Pilates instructor. My mentor was BASI chief faculty for South Africa, Ms Theo Van der Riet and I benefited also from trainings by Ashley Richie, Tash Barnard and Ed Botha.

Pilates is a real passion which I want to share with people to help them to better know their body and to strengthen it for fitness and wellness.

Yours BodyfitPilates'ly, Eileen Larose


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