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BASI is proud to be an international company with its education being offered in over 30 countries. Licensee territories are administered in particular regions around the world. They share a symbiotic relationship with BASI Pilates Headquarters while organizing their own administration of BASI programs, host studios and students. They are able to provide exceptional support and guidance to those in their region by being close in proximity and being able to offer assistance in the language of the territory.

All programs and course offerings run in Licensee territories follow the same format and provide the same quality of education expected from BASI Pilates®.

Below are the current licensee territories of BASI Pilates®

BASI Pilates South Africa

BASI Pilates Germany/Switzerland/Austria

BASI Pilates Scandinavia

BASI Pilates Greece

BASI Pilates Japan

BASI Pilates China/Hong Kong

BASI Pilates United Kingdom

BASI Pilates Turkey

BASI Pilates Italy

BASI Pilates Spain