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2021 Kathy Grant Scholarship Recipients

February 26, 2021

Kathy Grant Scholarship

Kathy Grant was Rael’s Mentor and dear friend. She was one of only two people certified to teach by Joseph Pilates. Not only was she a pillar in the Pilates community but in the Black community as well. We honor the legacy of the legendary Pilates Elder, Kathy Grant, with the relaunch and refresh of the Kathy Grant Scholarship. We hope to increase the representation and equity of Black Pilates professionals. With the expansive BASI network, we look forward to expanding this scholarship to BIPOC community worldwide.

We are pleased to announce the 2021 recipients of the Kathy Grant Scholarship.

Michelle Gibbons (BASI Pilates HQ)

Brittany Weeks (BASI Pilates HQ)

Elana Kronberg (BASI Pilates Academy Cape Town)

Kathy Grant Achievement Award

Kathy Grant Achievement Award is an adjunct to the Kathy Grant Scholarship. It is awarded a highly-deserving individual who has had a positive impact on BASI and the Pilates community at large. The person will be awarded the entire Legacy Program (Mentor, Master l, Master ll, Honors).

The recipient of the inaugural Kathy Grant Achievement award has been given to Stella Hull-Lampkin (BASI Pilates HQ)

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Apply for the Kathy Grant Scholarship: Scholarships will be awarded on a yearly basis. Additional scholarships may be awarded as more funding is received


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