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NEW: 90 min Recored Workshop: Intro to Injuries and Pathologies

Unlock Your Potential: A Course for Pilates Instructors of All Certifications


Join us for a 3-day Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies course, where we will explore a physical therapy approach to working with clients who have injuries, physical limitations, or movement dysfunctions. The course will primarily focus on the cervical and lumbar spine, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, and foot. It will cover functional anatomy, biomechanics, and review current literature.

The course will examine specific injuries and pathologies such as disc disease, post-surgical conditions, rotator cuff syndrome, tendinopathies, and osteoarthritis. Participants will learn about precautions and contraindications for these conditions, as well as exercise options and modifications to the original BASI Pilates repertoire. Through lectures, discussions, demonstrations, and practice, students will learn safe ways to work with clients who suffer from some of the most commonly encountered pathologies and injuries.

  • Program Structure

Day 1

  • Review anatomy, biomechanics, and current literature related to the spine.
  • Learn precautions and/or contraindications for common spinal pathologies.
  • Understand which exercises from the Pilates repertoire are appropriate for specific spinal injuries/pathologies.
  • Learn modifications to original exercises and/or new exercises appropriate for clients with spinal issues.
Samantha Wood, MPT, MBA, NPCT, RYT, is a licensed physical therapist, a National Pilates Certified Teacher (NPCT), a Yoga Alliance–certified teacher, and an associate faculty member for BASI Pilates. 

She owns and operates The Cypress Center in Pacific Palisades, California, where for over 20 years she and her staff have integrated Pilates with physical therapy for people of all ages and abilities. Her clinical expertise includes Pilates-based rehabilitation, yoga therapy, orthopedics, sports therapy, and functional rehabilitation.

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