Yoga Immersion Program - 50 hours

Presenter: Vivi Letsou

The Roots of Yoga is Part 1 of our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Every morning we start our dynamic practice focusing on a different area of asana category, with backbends, inversions, seated poses, etc. Meditation and pranayama (breathing practice) will help us find our center while shedding layers of tension. In the afternoon we will look into the liberating aspects of Yoga History and Philosophy as it pertains to our personal lives, and seek to find answers that will unveil our deeper potential for goodness, excellence, and fearlessness.

This training is offered as a stand alone program for those who want to discover the empowering aspects of Yoga. For those wanting to delve deeper, it is the first tier in the Abhaya Tree of Learning, the root program of our 200 hour Yoga Teacher in Training program.

Roots of Yoga Immersion: Topics Covered • Daily Dynamic Asana practice • Focus: Strong Body—Clear Mind—Open Heart • Study & practice each Asana category (backbends, inversions, etc.), • Understanding the alignment principles for each category • Pranayama, Breathing Techniques • Restorative practice & relaxation • Abhaya Philosophy/6 Steps of Abhaya Yoga • A look into the History of Yoga • Inspiration from the Katha Upanishad • Tantra: Tracing the seeds of our Iccha/Inner Desire • Eightfold path and the 5 Wonderful Precepts of Buddhism • Take a New Fearless Stance

Be ready to align in a stronger way and elevate body, mind, and heart into a new level of power and awareness. Thus we build the “Adamantine Body and Heart” which is the promise of Hatha Yoga.

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Yoga Immersion Program - 50 hours Program Structure

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