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A Teacher’s Journey to Becoming BASI Faculty

June 27, 2017

– By Kelly Milton

Completing my first international teaching trip to Japan, I could never have imagined that Pilates would take me there or that I would have such a remarkable experience. I began the BASI Teacher Training Program shortly after graduating from College. I did not really know a lot about Pilates or the industry, but always had a love for fitness. After my first session, I fell in love with The Method and BASI, and knew that this could be something I could share with many.

Fast forward 3 years. My husband and I move to Houston, Texas. At the time there were no Pilates studios in the city. I opened Breathe Pilates Studio and immediately contacted BASI to become a host location for the Teacher Training Program. We hosted 1-2 courses per year. Every time BASI faculty came to teach, I would be there auditing the course. It is amazing how many times I have heard the modules over the years and how much I take away each time. Just like with our own practice, we continue to learn and work deeper.

I was pregnant with my second child when I talked with the Director of Education at BASI about entering the journey of becoming faculty. I knew that I was ready to take my journey with Pilates to the next level, and to share my love of The Method with others who wanted to become teachers. I continued to take workshops as well as work towards completing the Ultimate Pilates Legacyprogram with Rael.

My eyes filled with tears. I could not believe my excitement and pure happiness!

Two years later I received a phone call from BASI — I still have the message saved on my phone. I immediately called Constance (the Director of Education) back since she was not usually the one I communicated with. She wanted to know if I wanted to become faculty! My eyes filled with tears. I could not believe my excitement and pure happiness! 

During the next year I assisted on the Teacher Training course and had my mentors assist me in teaching. I continued to learn the BASI Method and exercises deeper.   I taught my first module at headquarters with 30+ students and Constance watching me. Something I had taught a thousand times immediately had me so nervous! But the BASI Method makes so much since to me and my passion for the program shows in my teaching. 

It is amazing how God puts things in your life at just the right times. Out of college, having a degree but no job, I found BASI and Pilates. My husband and I moved 4 times within a 3 year period and I was able to take my career with me and immediately find a job. I have met my best friends from Pilates — instructors, clients, as well as the BASI team. 

I was not able to speak the language, nor could they understand me, but we spoke the same language of Pilates

When I felt stagnate in my life as a studio owner, I had a life-altering phone call to become faculty. Now as I look back on my amazing week-long trip to Japan — I was not able to speak the language, nor could they understand me, but we spoke the same language of Pilates — I cannot wait to see where the next 12 years takes me and the lives I can have an impact on. 


BASI Pilates is more than an education or a form of exercise…it is truly a family. No matter where you go, you will always have it with you. I am beyond blessed to have found The Method and to be apart of this amazing program.

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