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BASI Pilates Runs in the Family, with Myriam Kane, Danielle Hussa and Baby Jude

June 30, 2017

At BASI, “family” is not just a word but a fact. Here, we have some wonderful notes reflecting that from BASI faculty member Myriam Kane and her daughter, Danielle Hussa, a BASI Instructor, as they interview each other about their BASI experience while an extended road trip. (what a fun idea!)


After years as a personal trainer, frustrated by clients’ desires to look a certain way and society’s superficial pull, I found Pilates as meaningful/functional exercise very refreshing.

When Danielle showed beginnings of scoliosis as a young teen I saw it as the time to become educated to teach Pilates. It coincided with taking a class with Rael in Reston, Virginia. Decision made. I did my best to “sneak” as much Pilates as possible into Danielle’s team sport training exercises. 🙂

My respect and love for the practice grows with my own enlightenment. I know how fortunate I am to have found my way onto the Pilates path.

In my own quest for growth I have found the ever expanding education available to us in the field of neuroscience an excellent complement to Pilates. My eyes are opened daily to the competence of our practice as a method to reclaim what should be natural movement.

And all of this is highlighted in our observations of this amazing little person named Jude, my grandson!! Such fun and entertainment and education he provides as he shows us the very, very basics of the Pilates Method, as well as the progressions and even his own modifications as he develops his movement patterns.


I was drawn to Pilates for its preventative capabilities and physical relief that I personally received from my practice. Mom thought she was sneaking Pilates into my sports regime but I could see her passion and appreciated being her guinea pig — although my teenage self tried to act aloof. This is probably when I subconsciously realized Pilates as a lifestyle, not just an hour of exercise.

I started with my BASI Mat course as a freshman in college and enjoyed teaching the method to students and faculty at Virginia Tech.

I continued on to the BASI Comprehensive course in 2015 and taught well into my pregnancy in 2016. I credit my wonderful pregnancy and post parum recuperation to my Pilates practice.

My baby-nap-time-Pilates regime is critical to my mental and physical well being. And I look forward to carrying forth the tradition of “sneaking” Pilates into my son’s foundation.

What’s also exciting about the this story is it looks like we may have a third generation of Pilates practitioners coming up. Jude, Danielle’s infant son, is already practicing BASI rock. The legacy continues!

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