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The Power of Aging Explores the Older Population

November 8, 2021

This past weekend, Rael Isacowitz presented the Power of Aging. It was the second time in three months Rael presented the workshop. It was an online course, with some people attending in-studio at BASI Pilates Academy, USA.

In this workshop, Rael taught the fundamentals for working with older clients. He demonstrated how to instruct them, and how to cue them, and also what to look for while teaching them. In both workshops, he displayed proper techniques for instructing body movement, while also correcting incorrect movement. Tali Hanoch, who attended the workshop in September, felt appreciative of the work that was put into this workshop.

“The research, knowledge, and passion that Rael so obviously put into creating this workshop could be seen and felt within the first five minutes of the first day and throughout. Whether you are experienced working with senior clients or have not yet had much experience with this population—this workshop is for you. Come to think of it, this workshop is for anyone and everyone who plans to age happily and gracefully by staying active, and help those around them do the same.”

With the Power of Aging completed, everyone who took this workshop has some new techniques to add to their teaching methods. Efi Mavrogianni summarized the Power of Aging workshop, explaining what made it so vital for Pilates instructors.

“I had the opportunity to attend ‘The Power of Aging’ workshop, created and presented by my mentor Rael Isacowitz. What I loved about this workshop is that we explored all facets of wellbeing for the mature population in a unique way. During the lecture part, we got all the essential information about the challenges, the needs, and how to work efficiently with our clients. This was perfectly balanced with the repertoire part, where we learned a lot of exercises, including modifications.”

There will be a Power of Aging highlight video available for sale in 2022. Stay tuned for that.

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