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The Teacher Training Program at BASI Pilates Academy, USA

November 15, 2021

Over the last three months, a wave of new students entered BASI Pilates Academy, USA in Newport Beach, intending to complete the Foundation and Graduate Programs. This Teacher Training Program is one of the prominent Pilates educational courses in Orange County.
In September, the Foundation Program kicked off with Ofie Dates presenting. She started the students on their wellness journey with the hope of increasing their knowledge on Pilates and everything that it entails.

“That’s what BASI encompasses,” Ofie acknowledged. “We encompass caliber teachers in the Pilates method and the Foundation Program to me really sets that pace. I’m always excited to get that path going for them and start their journey. It’s exciting to me, and the students inspire me to be the best teacher I can be as well.”
Two weeks later, Stella Hull-Lampkin presented Modules 4-6 of the Foundation Program. 19 Eager students eagerly continued their Pilates journey, hoping to understand proper techniques and repertoire.

Assisting Stella was Lauren Hovik and Lahni DiMeglio, providing her with a great team ready to help the students with whatever they needed.
There was a four-week break between the end of the Foundation Program modules and the beginning of the Graduate Program. Stella returned to present the program, and 18 students joined her. One student, Zamora Alibay, took a lot from the program and especially felt gratitude toward Stella.
“So, I really love the teacher training program, and especially the teaching style of Stella. She is such an amazing person, a joyful personality. And you just want to come back and observe all this knowledge and just be around her. Because she just radiates all this energy, and really inspires you to do more, to be more, and to come prepared.”
After three weeks, the Graduate Program concluded, and Ofie returned to finish the presentation. Michelle Drysdale, who took both the Foundation and Graduate Program, had nothing but kind words to say.
“I would like to thank the outstanding mentors Ofie, Stella, Lahni, and Lauren who made me fall more in love with Pilates and the process,” she noted. “I feel like an overall better human after completing this training. BASI is a top-notch program and truly the best! The welcoming energy I felt when entering the studio to my very last of the graduate program was remarkable.”

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