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Meet BASI Pilates Academy, USA by Robert B. Hayek

October 25, 2021

At BASI Pilates Academy USA, the instructors are highly qualified to take care of your Pilates needs. Located at 20361 Irvine Ave B4 inside of The Jetty, BASI Pilates Academy, USA is in beautiful Newport Beach, CA. It is also conveniently near Costa Mesa and Irvine, giving residents from both cities a spectacular option should they decide to try Pilates.

Upon arrival at BASI Pilates Academy, USA, you will find yourself surrounded by an array of instructors ready to help you on your Pilates journey. Jill Kerry is one of our veteran instructors and has been with the company for over 20 years. Her wealth of experience makes her ideal to work with any client, especially those in the aging population. Then the

re is Yurika Matsumoto, an instructor who has worked with BASI since 2008. She teaches Pilates in both English or Japanese, depending on the client. Cherie Adame is a talented young instructor that has broken through the ranks and is currently teaching clients on Tuesdays. She also teaches an online class called BASI Live every week. Of course, as BASI goes, so does Stella Hull-Lampkin. She is a BASI faculty member, Operations Manager of BASI Pilates and one of our most sought after instructors. BASI flows through Stella in every conceivable way possible and a session with her will leave you wanting to come back for more!

Not only does BASI Pilates Academy,  USA have instructors, but we also have an Apprenticeship Program. Our Apprenticeship Program enables future instructors to master their craft and become the best quality instructors possible. Two of our brightest apprentices are Bianca Beach and Rachel Park. Both have completed the BASI Comprehensive Program and are on their way to completing our centralized testing and becoming BASI Graduates.

Both instructors and apprentices have class offerings. The schedules vary, depending on the instructors, but no matter when you wish to come to take a Pilates class at BASI, there is always an option to match your needs.

BASI Pilates Academy,  USA is the ultimate Pilates experience and one you will never forget. You will meet great instructors that will cater to your specific needs and a BASI staff that will guide you through the process. A session at BASI Pilates Academy,  USA will be an unforgettable experience! For inquiries about BASI Pilates and availability, please call our studio at (949) 574-1343

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