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Recorded Workshop: Finding Perfect Pitch Workshop with Rael Isacowitz


In this webinar, you will explore and rediscover the roots of BASI Pilates. Unbeknown to some, BASI is an acronym for Body Arts and Science International OR, more recently, Body Arts, Science, and Innovation. Established over 30 years ago, the BASI ethos and material have continued to evolve and grow. With evolution and growth, there is always the risk of losing sight of the original choreography and intention, In essence, the risk of the work becoming diluted.

Every exercise is choreographed and refined to satisfy the art and science of Pilates. It is time to return to the source and revisit the philosophy and the choreography.

In the process, we will look at the vital role of the eyes' incorrect placement and the body's instinctive response to stress and analyze and understand the infamous C-curve - in musical terms, "middle C" (256 Hz).

Let's find the perfect pitch!

Holiday pricing expires November 30, 2022 Regular Price $75.00

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