1. Building a Strong Family with Pilates by Lori Navarro
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    Building a Strong Family with Pilates by Lori Navarro

    Ever since, I finished my certification in 2010. I have been going to BASI headquarters in Costa Mesa once a week to continue my Pilates education and learn from my mentors. These past 2 years, Antonio and Elise have been coming with me to train with the lovely Jennifer Pearlstein and we all have shown great improvement in the way we execute the Pilates exercises as well as our cueing.

  2. Meet our BASI Pilates Love Contest Winner!
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    Meet our BASI Pilates Love Contest Winner!

    I tell people all the time to start Pilates, you are never too young or too old to reap the benefits both physically and mentally from doing it. In fact, our 8 year old son and 4 year old daughter have just started in Tash’s children’s class and they love it. You cannot believe the difference in their posture, body awareness and core strength. Dyllan has also used Pilates to recover from a shoulder operation and rebuild his stabilizers. There are so many good reasons to do Pilates, and the exercises are so easily adaptable to anyone’s level and ability. It’s amazing how quickly you will notice improvements. Whether you are a seasoned athlete, or you sit behind a desk all day, or you need rehab from an injury or op, Pilates is the answer.

  3. Pilates for Children by Tash Barnard
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    Pilates for Children by Tash Barnard

    Children are the most important resource on our planet and educating the next generation both physically and mentally is up to us. As Pilates instructors/parents we have a responsibility to help impact the next generation by ensuring their physical development.

  4. Pilates for Injury Rehabilitation
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    Pilates for Injury Rehabilitation

    The Pilates Method, especially when combined with traditional physiotherapy or other rehabilitation techniques is well-suited to help manage the dilemma of pain and dysfunction associated with many patient populations. Why is this? Pilates is a mind-body form of conditioning; it’s not just a physical process. I have seen numerous patients over the years reach far greater potential when mental conditioning is integrated into the motor learning and neuromuscular re-education process.