1. The Benefits of Pilates
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    The Benefits of Pilates

    It's no secret by now that Pilates offers a pretty long list of amazing benefits. We hear it all the time from new clients coming in: "I heard Pilates was good for me," or "My doctor said I should do Pilates." We are happy to report that the rumors are true—Pilates is indeed good for you and your doctor was right.

  2. What is Pilates? A Beginner’s Guide
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    What is Pilates? A Beginner’s Guide

    Ask anyone on the street if they’ve heard of Pilates and they might say it’s all about core, core, and more core. And that’s partially true. Pilates offers plenty of benefits to your body, no matter your fitness level. You’ll improve your posture, focus on alignment, and get a killer workout.