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What is the next step?

by Stella Hull Lampkin

April 16, 2021

For many Pilates instructors the next step after they receive their teaching diploma is pretty linear, they begin their career either teaching at a studio or at a gym. Yes, you read it correctly “career”. Pilates education is a vocation that can lead to a very rewarding career; a career that is only limited by your own creativity.

Outside of the linear examples, there are many other opportunities.

Pilates instructors are uniquely trained as neuromuscular re-educators. Every session is examining how a person moves through an exercise and how to improve it. With this training, graduates can work closely with physio-therapists, Physical therapists and chiropractors to name a few. With the cross pattern exercises taught in Pilates, it can provide benefits for people suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s for example. Instructors may set up training programs for armed services not only after they serve, as with the “Wounded Warriors Project”, but during their time of service. The heavy gear those that serve carry requires substantial strength but even more core stability.

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Joseph felt that Pilates was so valuable that it should be taught in school as part of their physical education training. With many parents opting to home school their children, this is another opportunity to build a career and business.Other opportunities exist in the entertainment field like Cirque de Soliel. Similar to the dance profession, many of these performers are hyper-mobile and require more training in stabilization. We have heard many athletes proclaim the benefits of their Pilates training. It was said that Kobe Bryant even had a Reformer in the Lakers training room.

The movement side of Pilates as a career is quite vast, but we have many skill sets that could also provide a career. For instance, photography would be very valuable in creating content for marketing teams. As a photographer, you have a unique eye for what is visually appealing but also for what is correct movement and alignment; this could also include videography.

Maybe your first career was in business and or management, your skills will be appreciated in managing a studio or business. One can even provide education to Pilates professionals for starting and running a business. If I use myself as an example, my first degree is in Business Computer Information Systems. With this degree, it helped me to play integral parts in working with software and web designers on the needs of a Pilates business as well as business management skills. Did I think that I would need this as a Pilates teacher, not really, but it has proven to be invaluable as the world becomes more dependent on more platforms for scheduling and accounting. Someone with a business background, may have experience in grant writing to help with funding or just writing in general. Maybe you have a love for research and could work to for a company to provide research on the benefits of Pilates or creating statistics. Human Resource training is another venue for opportunities in the industry. As Pilates is a unique business model but still must follow state and federal guidelines for employment and independent contractor laws. Let’s not forget about diversity and inclusivity in the industry.

Pilates is lacking advocates for legislation. How can we as an industry expect legislation to represent us when many do not even understand what Pilates is? This is an untapped opportunity in the Pilates industry that could provide long- term benefits.

As you can see opportunities in the Pilates industry are only limited by your imagination. Combining your passion for Pilates with other skills can open the door for many opportunities.

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