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Stella Hull-Lampkin Elected New Board President of PMA

June 28, 2021

Congratulations to our very own Stella Hull-Lampkin, BASI Operations Manager and Faculty, for officially being elected as the new Board President to the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Board of Directors! ⁠

This is a major achievement and reflects the more than 30 years of experience as a fitness professional and many years that Stella has worked in and contributed to the Pilates Industry through Rael Isacowitz and BASI…And it is a full-circle moment for BASI Pilates as our Founder Rael Isacowitz was one of the founding Board Members of the PMA.⁠

In this pivotal role, Stella will work with the Board of Directors to continue to create the groundwork for a clear vision and core values for the PMA and move the PMA forward in powerful ways, strengthening the relationship between the PMA, its members, partners, and community!

In Stella’s own words.

** Why is this so important?

My election as president of the PMA is significant on several levels: (1) It breaks another glass ceiling for BIPOC in the Pilates Industry, (2) it helps me to continue this legacy, and (3) builds upon the mission of an industry that is diverse, inclusive, and equitable for all.

** What does this mean to the Pilates industry?

Just like Pilates has evolved over the years in the physical modem, the industry will not evolve from a social stance. It will help the industry create more opportunities for everybody. Sometimes not by revision but by starting anew with experience and the voices of all to guide it forward.

Over and above this, Stella is the first African American to hold the position!

This is a tremendous honor and a wonderful way to commemorate Stella’s endless dedication to advancing Pilates as a vocational profession. We couldn’t be more proud of her!

This is the BEST comment and compliment we received: “BASI now not only has Rael working for the company serving as “spiritual leader” but also the second in command is less than the President of the PMA.”


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