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Staying Active Outside the Studio

March 17, 2020

We are in the midst of an unexpectedly unique and challenging time, where everyone must adapt to daily changes and be more mindful of themselves and their surroundings in order to curb the spread of COVID-19. With the postponement of several teacher training programs worldwide, BASI Headquarters is not immune to these changes.

Our hearts go out to our global BASI family who have had to make very hard decisions and sacrifices by closing down their studios in the interest of public health and safety. We recognize that this not only impacts the finances of those businesses and their owners, but also the income of the instructors who teach there.

We must remind ourselves that these sacrifices are made out of love—love for our community, our neighbors, our families, our friends. In these uncertain times, we must remember that love still thrives. Rev. Jacqui Lewis observed, “Right now, love looks like an empty stadium.” In our case, an empty studio. An occupied home.

Fortunately we live in a technologically cohesive world that affords us multiple ways to be creative in how we stay connected to each other. Many studios are taking their services online and providing sessions digitally. Social media and video streaming platforms offer an extensive variety of at-home workouts and educational tools. Extra time spent at home can be an opportunity to deepen your Pilates practice and intensify your focus without the distraction of time deadlines.

Here are some ways you can still support your favorite Pilates studios and stay active while at home:

1. Stay Informed.

Opt in to studio emails and follow your favorite studio on social media to stay up to date on when they will reopen.

2. Take a digital session.

Check to see if your studio is offering online sessions or live-streamed classes you can follow along with at home.

3. Check out BASI Interactive

BASI Interactive (formerly called Pilates Interactive) contains full Mat and Apparatus class videos taught by Rael Isacowitz and other BASI faculty. The first 30 days are free and current BASI students may use it towards their observation hours.

4. Tune into the BASI YouTube Channel

We’ve made a Pilates at Home playlist that we will continue to add to regularly.

5. Follow along with BASI’s Mat Class Videos and Online Workshops

Available 24/7 in our Online Shop.

Have other ideas? Send them our way!

Wishing everyone health, safety, and lots of love. We will get through these rough times together, even if we are apart.

Photo Model: Jennie Johnson of The Pilates Scene in Kalispell, Montana
Photographer: Haley J Photo


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