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Meet the Author: Caged Lion by John Howard Steel

August 10, 2020

John Howard Steel Caged Lion Author

BASI Live! Presents a candid discussion between Caged Lion Author John Howard Steel and Rael Isacowitz on the life and legacy of Joseph Pilates. We invite you to join in this conversation.


Friday, August 14th, 2020

10am-11am pst


John Howard Steel practiced law for sixty years and Pilates for nearly as long. As one of the few people still alive who studied with and knew Joseph Pilates both in and out of his studio, Steel is in a unique position to tell this story. Steel has been interviewed in numerous publications and regularly lectures to teachers and studio owners on the history of Pilates. He lives in Santa Barbara with his wife, Bunny. Caged Lion is his first book. 


Cage Lion is the story of Joseph Pilates, a gifted man who immigrated to the United States at forty-three with no assets or credentials. He not only invented an exercise regimen—which today is practiced by more than ten million people—but in the process, he also reinvented himself.


John Howard Steel brings Joseph Pilates and his eponymous exercise regime to life from his unique perspective as a student, friend, and confidant. Joe’s influence profoundly changed Steel’s life; in turn, Steel was crucial for the survival of the Pilates Method and Joe’s legacy. Steel’s vivid account traces the expansion of Pilates from a small cadre of dedicated adherents, through two periods of near extinction, to the global sensation it is today. Steel describes Joseph Pilates’s years as a prisoner during World War I, Joe’s motivation to discover his system of exercises, his inspirational teaching technique, and the unique attraction of the Pilates Method. It’s quite a story.


The Legacy Program is the confluence of the art and science of learning, teaching, and practicing Pilates at the highest level. Taught in its entirety exclusively* by BASI founder, Rael Isacowitz, this is a personal and life-changing exploration into the most advanced and diverse repertoire and an exploration of the teaching nuances of the Pilates method. Rael generously shares his vast knowledge, accumulated over four decades, as he guides this unique and enriching journey. Hope to see you there.

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