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October 19, 2019

by Bonnie Zeitner

Wellness Retreats are just about everywhere these days, and there seems to be a retreat for almost everyone. Whether your interests are Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Spirituality, etc. you can combine your wellness interests with your vacation and you have the ultimate getaway. These retreats are often held at luxurious resorts in gorgeous destinations and typically have your itinerary planned out.

At a Pilates Retreat you get to focus on practicing Pilates. Joseph Pilates created Pilates to work the entire body through a series of exercises intended to lengthen and strengthen all of the major muscle groups (either on a mat or on Pilates equipment). These exercises are done in a controlled and focused manner to deepen the connection between your mind and your body. Retreat literally means “to pull back” and that is exactly what you get to do during a Pilates Retreat. You get to pull back from your daily life and reconnect with you.

5 Benefits to Taking a Pilates Retreat

1. Feel Good Vibes
People often say they feel taller, more energized, and just plain happier after a Pilates session. At a Pilates Retreat, that doesn’t have to end when your session is over, it just flows in to the next day, and the next, and so on (your entire trip). You get to be in an environment that is dedicated to an activity you enjoy . . . Pilates! You become immersed in those post-Pilates, feel good vibes.

2. Escaping Your Daily Routine
You don’t have to go home and clean your house, walk your dog, or pay your bills (ok, maybe you still have to your bills). You get to relax, step away from the stressors in life and reap the mental and physical benefits of Pilates. You don’t have anyone asking you what you’re making for dinner. You don’t have to go to work. You don’t have to feel stressed. You don’t even have to struggle to make time to workout. You get to recharge, gain perspective, and make time for yourself.

3. Long-term Wellbeing
Numerous studies have shown that taking vacations reduces stress, prevents heart disease, increases productivity, and lowers blood pressure. Practicing Pilates has also been shown to have these same benefits, but Pilates is also great for strengthening your core, increasing your mental clarity, preventing injuries, improving flexibility, the list goes on. One recent study showed that many of the health and wellbeing benefits of a Wellness Retreat last longer than just the time spent there. They found that those benefits linger on, recharging you long after you leave. So, there’s no doubt you’ll get some serious, long lasting health and wellbeing benefits from your Pilates Retreat.

4. Deepen Your Practice
Pilates Retreats offer more time with a professional in Pilates outside of a class setting. Having access to a regular Pilates schedule also allows you to take your practice to a deeper level. That deeper level may mean the technical aspect of Pilates, or that may mean developing more intention in Pilates. It’s up to you. Classes are often held in spots surrounded by the beauty of Nature (with no waitlist!). It’s a great way to explore Pilates in a whole new way. You’ll be inspired without all of life’s distractions or stressors. There are also many types of Pilates retreats to consider, from mat, to reformer, to teacher training certifications (take your pick). However, all of them are certain of one element…retreating.

5. Build Your Tribe
You will be surrounded by people who share a common interest – PILATES. Everyone is there for the same reason. You can talk Pelvic Curls and Spinal Extensions all day long, it’s okay. Building real connections with people is harder these days when we engage mostly through the digital world. Attending a Pilates Retreat allows us to connect with people in person. Although meeting new people may seem nerve wracking, stepping outside of our comfort zone with others builds real connections. These connections and shared experiences will carry on long after your retreat.

These are just a few great benefits of a Pilates Retreat, and nothing compares to actually experiencing these benefits in person. I should also add that every retreat is different, but all of them offer one common benefit: time to reconnect with you.

BASI Pilates has partnered with Life In Movement to offer BASI Pilates Mat Teacher Training Retreats in Thailand, Portugal, and other international destinations. Train with some of BASI’s best faculty from all over the world in an immersive, retreat-style environment.
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