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Sold Out Mentor Program was a Success

October 3, 2019

Last month 36 students traveled from all over the world to spend the weekend here at BASI HQ. They worked closely with Rael Isacowitz to learn advanced concepts in teaching Pilates and progressions in the BASI Pilates repertoire. It was a weekend filled with emotion, depth, vulnerability, and growth, and every student walked out the door as an official Legacy Candidate.

The Mentor Program is a very special program, as it marks the first step towards becoming a Legacy Graduate. It is also a major milestone in one’s Pilates journey, rewarding instructors who have at least 2-3 years of teaching experience under their belt with the opportunity to delve deeper into the work and into their own practice with BASI’s founder, Rael Isacowitz. Completing the Mentor Program distinguishes Pilates instructors who are serious about becoming Pilates professionals and teaching at the highest standard.

Upon completing the Mentor Program, Legacy Candidates may continue on with Master I, Master II, and Honors to receive their Legacy certificate and Legacy Graduate status. The Legacy Program as a whole is a culmination of 40 years’ worth of Rael’s experience as a Pilates teacher and renowned expert in the field—it is, truly, his life’s work. Those who complete this unique and prestigious program will be equipped to carry on the BASI Legacy and maintain the integrity of the work.

To learn more about the BASI Pilates Legacy Program, visit the BASI Pilates Legacy Program Information page.

To see when the next Legacy Program course will be held near you, view the Upcoming Programs schedule.


Here are some highlights from the Mentor weekend at BASI HQ:

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