Meet Jess

Reach for Greatness with Jess McMillan, U.S. and World Freeskiing Champion and BASI® Trained Instructor.

BASI recently caught up with Jess to gather insights from her experiences. See our Q&A with her below:

How did you find out about and become involved with BASI® Pilates?

Erin Corbett, Owner of Core Pilates of Jackson Hole, convinced me that I needed to start doing Pilates. To be completely honest, I thought Pilates was only for old ladies until I tried it. I practiced Pilates for a year before I decided I wanted to become a BASI instructor.

What was your first impression of BASI?

When I first started Pilates, I was so tight that it felt like one of the hardest things I had ever done in my life. Clients twice my age were moving through the workouts with ease as I struggled every second of the workout.

What motivated you to take action?

After practicing for a year—with mat classes five days a week and a private class once a week—I felt five years younger. I was sleeping better, moving better, and skiing better. I was convinced that Pilates was a fountain of youth.

How does BASI stand out in the Pilates world?

The BASI block system is outstanding! It adds order to the workout and continues to challenge me in my everyday practice.

How has BASI made a difference in your life?

Three years ago, I took a big fall skiing. I had a 30-degree subluxation from C1-C5, as well as a slipped disc in my L1-L2. I have never been in so much pain in my life. It hurt to sit, stand, walk, and sleep. I applied the BASI Block system, starting at the fundamental level, and moved through the system. It took me eight months to get back on skis, but I have been pain-free since.

How has BASI helped you achieve your goals, both professionally and personally?

BASI makes me feel better. I am stronger and more flexible than I have ever been. Before I started Pilates, I would make sure that any cliff I skied off had a left-hand turn out of the landing. I did this because my right leg was stronger; also, I didn't trust myself not to fall and land on my left leg. After Pilates, I am confident when turning in both directions after a big jump. I also recover faster from falls and know how to take care of my body so that I feel my best everyday.

What does it take to be part of the BASI family?

The first step was easy. All I had to do was walk into a BASI studio. Yes, it took hard work and dedication to be a part of the BASI family. I was pretty beat up before I joined BASI. My walk resembled an NFL linebacker, with my joints appearing to be permanently fused together. As I applied BASI to my everyday life, I felt better. I will always be thankful to Erin Corbett for introducing me to BASI.

How does BASI exemplify the core concepts of Pilates?

I absolutely love the Ten Principles of BASI. I have not only relied on them throughout my practice, I incorporate them into my daily regimen and ski career. When all of the principles are applied, brilliance is achieved!

What do you love about BASI?

I love that BASI continually challenges me while making me feel better on a daily basis. I love that BASI has provided me a roadmap to success without dictating which road I must take.

The challenge to be more than we are lies both outside and within each of us. Are we not reminded daily of the power and also the vulnerability of the human physique?
The challenge to be more than we are lies both outside and within each of us. Are we not reminded daily of the power and also the vulnerability of the human physique?