Meet Brandon

I wouldn't trade my life or job for anything!

BASI® caught up with BASI graduate and faculty member, Brandon Gamble to gather insights from his experiences. Enjoy our Q&A with him below:

Q: How did you find out about and become involved with BASI Pilates®? I found out about BASI through a dear friend who led me to a mat class that Rael was teaching at a conference some time ago. There and then, I knew I had found my Pilates home and mentor.

Q: What was your first impression of BASI? My first impression of BASI was, 'this is intense!" This work is beyond vigorous and challenging, yet safe and harmonious. With a healthy and scientific approach, Rael and the BASI work have taken me through workouts that have brought me to the very limits of my abilities and strength.

Q: What motivated you to take action? The flow and evolution of the BASI Pilates work is what motivated me to become a part of the BASI family. And what an amazing family it is! My BASI friends and colleagues are the highest caliber Pilates teachers and educators.

Q: How does BASI stand out in the Pilates world? BASI is a beacon of excellence and innovation in Pilates. BASI upholds the highest standards of Joseph and Clara Pilates along with the recognition of the evolution of scientific understanding of human movement.

Q: In what way does BASI Pilates make you great? Not only has BASI Pilates enhanced me physically, mentally and spiritually, but it has allowed me to feel great about sharing such an amazing gift with others. I also know that BASI Pilates will continue to challenge me throughout my career.

How has BASI made a difference in your life?

A question with a thousand answers.... My body is the healthiest and strongest it’s ever been. I have an unshakeable confidence when working with my clients whether they are elderly, rehabilitating, or athletic. BASI has changed every way I look at physical fitness and well-being.

How has BASI helped you achieve your goals, both professionally and personally?

BASI has taken me to the pinnacle of my career and enabled my limitless growth. The learning never stops. I am continuously evolving as a teacher, instructor and practitioner. Personally, I am truly grateful for the opportunities BASI has bestowed upon me.

What does it take to be part of the BASI family?

To be a part of the BASI family you must be passionate, kind, honest and strong. Passionate about sharing your knowledge and gifts of Pilates; kind to all who want to learn from you (and some who don’t!); honest about who you are and the belief you have in BASI; and, strong in your beliefs of the BASI work and the benefits BASI Pilates has provided not only to you, but the people you’ve shared with. Rael is the kind of man that attracts good people and positive energy. He surrounds himself with friends and colleagues that exemplify enlightened humanity.

How does BASI exemplify the core concepts of Pilates?

BASI Pilates “IS” the art of human movement and science while remaining true to the teachings and original work of Joseph and Clara Pilates. Can you imagine if Joseph Pilates were alive today how he would feel about how this work has evolved? I know in my heart he’d be truly proud of Rael and the accomplishments of BASI Pilates.

What advice would you give to students interested in enrolling for a module in the Comprehensive Teaching Training Course program of study?

There's no better feeling than knowing you've made the right choice. BASI Pilates will stimulate each of your senses and equip you with a profound knowledge of the intricacies of teaching Pilates.

What do you love about BASI?

The benefits that I’ve derived from BASI have had such a positive effect throughout so many areas of my life. I’m so very passionate about teaching for BASI that I wouldn’t trade my life or job for anything. BASI Pilates has given me the strength, flexibility and agility to continue doing what I love: surfing and teaching.

Now is the time to start moving. Why settle for good when greatness is within reach? It's time to reach for and define your greatness.
Now is the time to start moving. Why settle for good when greatness is within reach? It's time to reach for and define your greatness.