Mat Program

Pilates mat teacher training is the perfect vehicle for learning the principles of the Pilates Method. It is affordable, easy to integrate into different settings, and a great way to introduce people to Pilates. At BASI we regard Pilates Mat Work as the “crown jewel” of Pilates.

The Mat Program provides a thorough education in the Pilates Mat Work and its infinite applications. It is also the perfect springboard to the Comprehensive Programs that are offered in the U.S. and globally. The Mat Program is often taught as a part of the Comprehensive Program and is the same curriculum for U.S. and international students.

This program is comprised of 24 hours of lecture, discussion, and exercise practice and exercise analysis divided into six modules.

Please review our Refund Policy before registering for a program (may not apply to Licensee territories).

Program schedule is subject to postponement or cancellation, based on student enrollment.

*All fees are in U.S. Dollars (may not apply to Licensee territories).

Upon completion of the program, you will be qualified to:

  • Work according to the principles of Pilates and introduce them to clients and students
  • Tailor comprehensive and safe Pilates mat work programs to individual and group needs
  • Adapt a group mat class to different settings
  • Integrate small equipment into a mat class
  • Use the BASI® Block System to successfully administer mat work

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  1. Program Structure
  2. Certification
  3. Tuition & Fees

Mat Program Structure

  1. Module 1 - The Fundamentals

    Primary concepts covered include the 10 movement principles of the Pilates method, an overview of the pelvic region and Pilates breathing. A historical overview of Pilates is presented, plus the BASI® approach, and the importance of safety when teaching Pilates are discussed. Repertoire includes fundamental Mat. A one-hour mat class is taught.

  2. Module 2 - Anatomy Overview Part 1

    Primary concepts covered include an anatomy and terminology overview: major bones, muscles, joints, bony landmarks and center of gravity. The importance and practice of cueing is discussed. Repertoire covered includes intermediate Mat exercises. A one hour mat class is taught.

  3. Module 3 - Anatomy Overview Part 2

    Primary concepts covered include the BASI® system of movement analysis, exercise physiology, and aerobic/anaerobic exercise. The BASI® format of teaching is discussed and the Block System®, created by Rael Isacowitz, is introduced. Repertoire covered is intermediate Mat and Leg Weights. A one-hour mat class is taught.

  4. Module 4 - Posture Assessment

    Primary concepts covered are the principles of alignment and posture assessment. Discussion includes exercise as a tool for assessment. Repertoire covered is intermediate through advanced Mat. A one-hour mat class is taught.

  5. Module 5 - Core Strength: Back and Abdominals

    Primary concepts covered are core strength and the relationship of the various muscle groups that make up the core with particular focus on the abdominals and the back extensors. Contraindications, effective exercises and the importance of understanding your client’s needs and body type are discussed. Also addressed are the role of the teacher and the importance of flow in a session. Repertoire covered is advanced Mat. A one-hour mat class is taught.

  6. Module 6 - Exercise Adaptation

    Primary concepts include an in-depth look into exercise adaptation and the use of assists and modifications. Lecture focuses on how to construct a complete and comprehensive program. Repertoire covered is advanced Mat and Magic Circle. A one-hour mat class is taught. Final Exam will be available online.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees may vary according to the region and in Licensee territories. Please visit the specific program page for up-to-date international Tuition & Fees.

$1,099 USD- US

$1,095 USD- Select countries

$1,395 USD- Australia

$500 Deposit (includes $100 Non-Refundable Administrative Fee)

After the deposit, the balance is due 10 business days before the program begins.

Tuition Fees include:

*Mat Study Guide

*Mat Movement Analysis Workbook

*Final Written Exam

*Final Teaching Evaluation (select countries only)

*Final Practical Exam (select countries only)

Additional Fees May Apply:

* Pilates Interactive Monthly Subscription - Pro Version $10 USD/ month.

* Studio Fees for Observation, Self-Practice, Student Teaching (contact the studio for more information and fees)

* Testing Fees for Mat Certification $150 USD (US only) Go to Examination Process for more information

* Retesting Fees

Teaching Credential

Requirements for Certification

•Attendance of all Modules and class hours

•Observation: minimum 15 Hours (50% can be completed via Pilates Interactive)

•Student Teaching: minimum of 30 Hours

•Self- Practice: minimum of 40 Hours

Hours can be logged online from the Student Dashboard or logged on the Tracking Forms which are available on the Student Dashboard upon enrollment.

Some licensee territories may have specific instructions on how to log hours.

•Final Written Exam

•Final Practical Exam

•Final Teaching Evaluation

All requirements must be successfully completed within 12 months from the last day of the program. If the requirements are not completed within three years, the student will need to repeat ([Audit]( 50% of the modules prior to submitting hours and receiving the BASI Mat Certificate. Auditing fees apply.