BASI Pilates Innovation

Bp Innovation

Innovation has been a tradition in Pilates since its very origins. True to this tradition, innovation is a key driving force in BASI’s approach to Pilates, as well. Through its perpetually evolving education and equipment, BASI honors the past while looking towards the future.

Infusing innovation into its education and curriculum, BASI has been at the forefront of training high-caliber Pilates teachers for 30 years. One of the signature elements of BASI education is the groundbreaking Block System. Created by Rael Isacowitz, the Block System is an organized, balanced methodology of structuring each Pilates session and the massive amount of repertoire taught in the BASI teacher training programs. Throughout the years BASI has expanded the ways in which information and education resources are communicated. In the early 1990s BASI launched the first annual BASI Learn From The Leaders international conference series to bring Pilates continuing education directly to different parts of the world. The early 2000s saw the release of BASI’s highly acclaimed DVD workout collection, followed shortly by two best-selling books, Pilates and Pilates Anatomy, both published by Human Kinetics, USA. In 2010 BASI introduced the revolutionary Pilates e-learning platform, Pilates Interactive (now called BASI Interactive), one of the first online Pilates resources of its kind.

Rael understood early on that Pilates is not a static practice encapsulated in time—it has to evolve with the bodies performing it and reflect the progress of modern movement science and research. The BASI repertoire is constantly re-analyzed for present-day conditions and education materials are regularly updated as new studies are released. To cap off the BASI education experience, the Legacy Program was created—a collection of advanced and original repertoire, garnished with Rael’s sage perspective and guidance on what it means to be a Pilates teacher and truly embody the work. It is the culmination of 40 years of teaching experience and practice.

In addition to providing thorough and innovative Pilates education, BASI has endeavored to evolve the traditional Pilates apparatus. In the earlier years Rael worked closely with Pilates apparatus manufacturers and was instrumental in consulting on prototypes for new equipment. One of BASI’s most notable achievements is the development of the F2 System (also known as the Avalon System by Balanced Body). This trailblazing attachment system upgrades apparatus like the Spine Corrector and Arm Chair to increase and diversify the repertoire that may be performed on these pieces, and in fact the full lineup of Pilates apparatus. In 2015 BASI Systems was launched, BASI’s own line of high quality Pilates equipment, each piece incorporating the F2 System. BASI Systems is now sold worldwide and continues the tradition of innovation in Pilates equipment by engineering cutting edge designs and improvements to current models.