Sayaka Moriguchi

Tokyo, JPN
Sayaka Moriguchi

During her shool years, Sayaka devoted herself to track and field sprinting and participated in national championships.

She majored in sports science at Nippon Sports Science University and learned sports education, sports psychology, and anatomical physiology. In order to enhance her skills, she studied scientific training, coaching, and conditioning.Her experience of getting her knee injured, going though surgery and rehabilitation during her ten years of competitive training has influenced her in many ways.

After her training years, she learned about teaching yoga to the elderly. In doing so, she learned about Japan’s concerns of aging population, healthy life-spans, and modern medical care. It was then that she realised the potential of Pilates and how it could help people achieve a more full-filled life.

In 2011, Sayaka completed BASI Comprehensive Teachers Training Course. Through her experience at BASI Japan, meeting many clients and teaching many sessions, she became confident that regardless of age, anyone can improve both physically and mentally. Her trust in the pilates method keeps growing as she chooses to take the path to further learn about the principles of BASI Pilates.

She has worked with many faculty members in Japan and from various countries, but her first teacher, Sheri Long, has been a great influence on her.

In 2017, she visited BASI headquarters and participated in the Mentor Program. She felt the need to spread this essential way of thinking and methodology to the world. Sayaka became a faculty member in 2018.

Sayaka strives to live each day enjoying the challenges, as she practices to pursue precision in her movement. She hopes to inspire everyone in the world to live a healthier and happier life.