Sinem Akgüner

Sinem Akgüner

Sinem began her Classical Ballet education at Istanbul University State Conservatory in 1993. After completing her Undergraduate studies, she then moved on to do her Maters Degree in Classical Ballet at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University State Conservatory. Upon completion of her degree, she taught Classical Ballet for three years at Mimar Sinan University Department of Performing Arts.

While studying, she performed in several modern and classical art productions as a ballet dancer for the Contemporary Ballet Company founded by Cem Ertekin.

Between 2000 and 2006, as the soloist ballet dancer for Sultans of the Dance (more recently know as Anatolian Fire Dance Group), Sinem had the opportunity to represent her country in different parts of the world and to work with both local and foreign choreographers.

In 2007 she started Pilates with Murat Catbas, who is a ballet dancer and a PMA instructor at Balanced Body Faculty.

In 2010 she started working as a Pilates instructor for Dr Isik Akgol, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Specialist and founder of the Serotonin Academy.

She began working with BASI Pilates Faculty Cengiz Han Ucgun in 2013, and during this time had the opportunity to assist and participate in several BASI Pilates workshops and comprehensive courses.

In 2017 Sinem married Ertug Akguner, BPS BASI Pilates Izmir Host Studio founder, and relocated to Izmir.


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   BASI Pilates Through Pregnancy and Beyond