Ilaria Pulidori

Prato, ITA
Ilaria Pulidori

Ilaria started her professional career as a classical ballet dancer in 1990 in Italy where she danced choreographies from classic repertoire. At that time she also worked as ballet teacher for the national team of rhythmic gymnastics. In 1992, she realizes her dream of joining as a soloist the “Balletto di Toscana” in Firenze, Italy. There she performed until 2001 when she left her professional ballet activity for staying with the family.

During her dance activity Ilaria had a first experience with Pilates and remained fascinated by it. Ilaria got her first PMA certification in 2004 and opened her own Pilates studio “Pilates in Tuscany” in Prato, near Firenze. Afterward she attended multiple specialization courses, including Yogilates and Gyrokinesis, until she was captured by the BASI approach through Rael’s DVDs and books.

In 2011, she moved temporarily in southern California and had the honor to meet personally Rael. In the same year, Ilaria got her certification as BASI Pilates teacher and became BASI host in Italy.

Since then, Ilaria’s professional life rapidly changed. She could follow the numerous Faculties teaching at her BASI host studio. She visited periodically Costa Mesa and attended numerous courses and workshops of all levels with Rael and other Faculty, including three Mentor programs and completion of the BASI Pilates Ultimate.

In 2015, Ilaria joins the BASI Faculty and becomes a BASI Pilates Licensee, holding the responsibility of representing BASI Pilates in Italy.

She lives in Prato with her husband and three children.