Theo Botha

Theo Botha

Theo van der Riet-Botha has been on the BASI Faculty since 2002 and is currently one of only three principal instructors in the organization. Theo is also the proud owner of Body Intellect, a Pilates studio in Pretoria, South Africa and the headquarters for the BASI Pilates® franchise in South Africa.

Her teaching career includes teaching at the On Center Conditioning studio in Southern California under her mentor, Rael Isacowitz. She has also taught the BASI teacher training courses around the world, including in the US, New Zealand, Brazil, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, China, Japan, Italy, Spain and Namibia. Theo is also a Performance Stability Instructor Trainee and works in conjunction with medical professionals to assist clients in retraining strategies.

A firm believer in continuing education, Theo has hosted three International BASI Pilates symposiums and presented at numerous presentations and workshops. 

Theo earned her Bachelor of Education degree in Dance at the Pretoria Technikon. She enjoys early morning rides with her husband on their Ducati (she admits to being a biker chick) and taking walks with her bulldogs Maximus and Minimus.