Mandy Wright

Ojai, CA USA
Mandy Wright

Originally from South Africa, Mandy came to America in her early twenties looking for inspiration and to find a career where she could help others.  She found that and more when she was introduced to BASI Pilates in 2007.  

As a lifelong athlete, Mandy has always participated in sports and shared her love of fitness and a healthy lifestyle with her family and friends. As the mother of three sons, she encouraged an active lifestyle and even joined her boys as they learned Tae Kwando, earning herself a black belt in the process.  Inspired by the teaching, Mandy pursued her own education to become a certified personal trainer and Spin teacher.  Although this active and outdoor life was rewarding, over time, Mandy started to experience recurring back pain which made her question her own exercise routine. With his new awareness, Mandy started a quest to find a workout regime that supported her active lifestyle, while still nourishing her body and supporting her life.

Mandy discovered Pilates, an exercise program where the objective; to be able to train the body to functionally perform the activities we love to do, fit her own beliefs and fed her search for rich daily inspiration and a lifestyle of healthy pain free movement!

Mandy completed her Pilates Training through Body Arts and Science International in 2007 and has never looked back.  

Mandy’s gifts, as a teacher, lie in her understanding of movement and her empathy with pain. She has a unique ability to create safe and fun environments where clients can address their personal challenges and work to strengthen their bodies and attain their goals.  With her understanding of the body, Mandy is able to recognize individual imbalances and to effectively communicate movement options and corrections to create flow and control for each of her clients in their own Pilates practices.

 Mandy’s mantra is: ‘Do what you love, love what you do, for life.’

 Mandy has worked diligently to educate herself and to meet her own goal of truly helping others. Her immersion in the BASI philosophy is one of the areas she acknowledges as an important foundation for her skills and experience today.  She has completed the BASI Mentor and Master Programs not just one, but twice; has studied Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies, Pilates for Men, and Pilates for the Mature client. Mandy is also a NASM certified Personal trainer and a NASM corrective exercise specialist.  She is committed to being the best teacher and trainer she can be in following her passion to move bodies well and into health.