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Conceived by Rael Isacowitz, this intensive, two-hour session focuses on the multiple possibilities of the Mat Work, which is the foundation of the Pilates method. Approaching the Mat Work as a warm-up and conditioning routine for fit individuals and athletes, the Marathon Mat® is challenging, invigorating and eye-opening. Based on the BASI approach to the work, the workshop builds a meditation in motion, using both classical and contemporary exercises and featuring the BAS! Flow Sequence. This will prepare you for the Ultra-Marathon Mat®, a three-hour exploration of the Pilates Mat Work at the highest level of endurance, strength and determination!

Raels Mat Class-VR-45

When? Monday, November 1, 2018 from 12:00pm to 2:00pm

Where? BASI Pilates HQ at 20361 Irvine Ave, Suite B3, Newport Beach, CA 92660

How Much? $59.00

For your reference, the registered services are: Educational services, namely, providing continuing professional education courses in the field of exercise, fitness, wellness, movement; Physical fitness training services; Providing fitness and exercise studio services, namely, pilates instruction and training.

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