Unwinding Scoliosis with Pilates

Presenter: Karen Clippinger, MSPE

Research suggests that addressing the rotational component of scoliosis is vital for improving scoliosis. After discussing the basic anatomical and biomechanical changes of the spine associated with scoliosis, this session will focus on utilizing counter rotation and lateral flexion combined with distraction of the spine to attempt to lessen the asymmetries and discomfort often associated with scoliosis. These principles will be applied progressively from standing posture to strengthening exercises to functional movement. Participants will participate in novel exercises utilizing elastic bands and Pilates apparatus, as well as learn cueing for classical exercises that can be utilized to maximize benefits for your clients. These exercises and cues can also provide valuable strength, kinesthetic awareness, and postural benefits for your many clients who have spinal and pelvic asymmetries that are not considered due to scoliosis.

This workshop is approved by the PMA for 6 CECs.

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Unwinding Scoliosis with Pilates Program Structure

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