Set Up for Success - "The Set-Up" (Part 2: Cadillac & Wunda Chair)

Presenter: Ofie Dates

"I used to say the set up is 90% of the success of an exercise--I am now upgrading it to 100%! If the set up is not correct the exercise simply cannot be done properly. I am not only speaking of the anatomy and physiology of the exercise, but also the intention of the exercise and of the system itself."
- Rael Isacowitz (November 2018)

In this workshop we will focus on "The Set-Up!" With special attention to correct placement of the body in the initiation of each exercise it guarantees proper execution and a successful outcome for each exercise! Joseph H. Pilates laid a foundation that we must treasure and protect. BASI Pilates endeavors to preserve the legacy of Joseph H. Pilates. As BASI warriors under the direction and guidance of Rael Isacowitz/Founder of BASI, we must continue the legacy with passion, precision, efficiency, and flow!

We will review the Pre-Set Up and Set-Up of each exercise on the Cadillac & Wunda Chair for the Foundation & Graduate Programs. The focus will be on the precision, placement, stabilization, and correct starting position to ensure success, precision, and efficiency for each exercise!

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Set Up for Success - "The Set-Up" (Part 2: Cadillac & Wunda Chair) Program Structure

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