Pilates on the Run

Presenter: Myriam Kane

Can you run and walk without pain? For as long as you’d like?

The objective of this workshop is to get you on track to run/walk painlessly whether you do so for basic health or competitive events. It can be difficult to know what will work for each of us…our bodies are unique, have different histories and everything does not work for everyone.

Learn what works for you and/or your clients as we explore the way to healthy running/walking mechanics from a neuromuscular perspective...because your nervous system rules and we are designed to run!

Learn how to assess your Mobility, Stability, Balance needed for efficient/pain free running...and what you can address on your own. Come away with the tools to access the natural running mechanisms you were born with! Technique is useless without healthy mechanics...reclaim your primitive movement abilities.

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Pilates on the Run Program Structure

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