Graduate Program

The Graduate Program is an enduring foundation for a career in Pilates, with graduates qualified to teach up to advanced level students on the full complement of standard equipment, and BASI’s proprietary F2® System.

BASI’s Graduate Program consists of six modules (see below), which include lectures, discussion, exercise analysis and practice. In addition to academic study, students complete observation (100 hours), self practice (200 hours) and student teaching (200 hours). Additional fees may apply.

This program is for students who have completed the Foundation Program and wish to gain comprehensive knowledge of Pilates on all the Pilates apparatus, includingThe Graduate Program is an enduring foundation for a career in Pilates, with graduates qualified to teach up to advanced level students on the full complement of standard equipment, and BASI’s proprietary F2® System.

Program schedule is subject to postponement or cancellation, based on student enrollment.

Upon completion of the program, you will be qualified to:

  • Solve problems and provide effective exercise solutions for many physical conditions
  • Compile comprehensive and safe Pilates programs, tailored to individual needs
  • Use the BASI® Block System to successfully administer individual and group sessions
  • Analyze and understand the Pilates exercises, based on anatomical and biomechanical principles
  • Use the full line of major Pilates apparatus, including the revolutionary F2® System
  • Work with specific populations and be equipped to embark on BASI Advanced and Continuing Education.


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  1. Program Structure
  2. Certification
  3. Tuition & Fees

Graduate (US) Program Structure

  1. Module 1 - Muscle Balance and Imbalance

    Primary concepts covered are the meaning of balance, and the implications of imbalances in strength and flexibility. Lecture focuses on functional exercises, movement patterns, neuromuscular re-education and muscle testing. Repertoire taught includes intermediate and advanced Reformer, Wunda Chair, and Cadillac.

  2. Module 2 - The Lower Limbs

    Primary concepts covered include the hip joint, the knee joint and the ankle-foot complex. The gait cycle is discussed and analyzed. Repertoire taught is intermediate Reformer, Wunda Chair, and Cadillac.

  3. Module 3 - The Shoulder

    Primary concepts covered are the structure and function of the shoulder region. The shoulder joint, muscles of the shoulder, and the importance of correct shoulder mechanics are presented. Lecture includes how to work with clients with shoulder problems and recognizing scope of practice. Repertoire taught is intermediate Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, and introduction of the Ladder Barrel and Step Barrel.

  4. Module 4 - Program Design Principles

    Primary concepts covered are the principles of training, such as overload, specificity and reversibility. Components of physical fitness are addressed and analyzed. Lecture includes repertoire levels and how they relate to working with a broad range of clientele. Repertoire taught is advanced Reformer, Wunda Chair, and Cadillac.

  5. Module 5 - Specific Populations Part 1

    Primary concepts covered are habitual movement patterns, cross training, imbalances and setting goals. The athletic population is looked at closely. Lecture focuses on teaching methodologies. Repertoire taught includes intermediate- and advanced-level work on both Ladder Barrel and Step Barrel.

  6. Module 6 - Specific Populations Part 2

    Primary concepts covered are based on populations with restrictions and an in-depth look at pregnancy guidelines. Lecture includes teaching men and women, different body types as well as objectives and approaches. A general review of the repertoire is conducted and the Final Written Examination is given.

Tuition & Fees

  • Deposit $400
  • Admin Fee $100 (Non - Refundable)
  • Outstanding Tuition $1699
  • Total Tuition $2199

Additional Fees

Pilates Interactive Monthly Subscription - Pro Version $10/ month

Studio Fees for Observation, Self-Practice, Teaching (Contact the studio for more information)

Testing Fees: Fees for Comprehensive Certification $250 (For more information go to Examination Process)

All fees in USD

Teaching Credential

Requirements for Completion

• Attendance of all modules and classes hours.

• Submission of Student Paper

• Observation: 100 hours (50% can be completed using Pilates Interactive)*. Recommend that you start working on your hours during the Foundation Program

• Self-Practice: 200 hours

• Practice Teaching: 200 Hours

• Passing grade of 70% or better on all examinations

• Final Exam (Online Exam)

• Practical and Teaching Examinations (At a Centralized Location US Students only) * Additional fee required

For more information go to Examination Process

All requirements must be successfully completed within 12 months of the last day of the course. If the requirements are not completed within three years, the student will need to repeat 50% of the modules prior to submitting hours and receiving a BASI Teacher Certificate. Hours must be logged and submitted either by BASI Pilates’ Tracking forms or via the Student Dashboard portal online.