Functional Stability

When new exercise patterns are learned, the body is required to create new neuro-connectors to store the complex messaging patterns in the spinal and peripheral nerves. This is the reason why athletes, swimmers, musicians, and gymnasts spend so much time "practicing". What they are doing is ensuring they have the most nerve connections, and functions, around the skills that they want to perform at their peak. We can all switch on more control and more function within the body. Cross patterning and functional stability exercises can be utilized to help enhance and strengthen the body’s natural movement patterns. This course is designed to help you work with clients to enhance their stability so they can achieve greater strength within existing movement, injury prevention, and aide in post-injury recovery. Participants will engage in exercises uniquely designed to broaden their multi-directional exercise repertoire.

The Functional Stability workshop will teach participants how to implement Pilates cross patterning and stability exercises utilizing thera-bands, small stability balls, foam rollers, and rotating discs, into their clients sessions. Chair, Reformer, and Cadillac exercises will be taught. The BASI Systems F2’s will also be used on the equipment, in conjunction with the small props.

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Functional Stability Program Structure

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